Black Travel Vibes: Fall In Love With Lagos, Nigeria
Photo Credit: @serrabellum

Forget everything you think you know about Nigeria. Bordered by other eclectic nations like Benin and Cameroon, Nigeria is a West African country on the rise. The city of Lagos is the cultural and financial hub of the country with an awe-inspiring populus that is led by both tradition and futuristic progress.

Often stereotyped as “dangerous,” visitors are often shocked to see that Lagos is one of the most developed cities on the continent, and also home to sandy beaches, resorts, luxury shopping and more — similar to its more popular cousins like Senegal and South Africa.

Digital influencer @serrabellum explores Lagos often, taking her followers on a journey through the hidden gems of the city in a way that truly helps you see the beauty of this rose in the concrete. Check out a photo journey of her most recent visit and be inspired to travel Africa. Trust us, you’ll fall in love.