Black Travel Vibes: Go Beyond The Blue Lagoon To Discover Iceland’s Hidden Gems
Photo Credit: @heartofalyon

Game of Thrones may have prophesied that “fire and ice” referred to the prince who was promised, but in Iceland, it’s all about volcanoes, glaciers and Blue Lagoons.

A few years ago the Nordic country wasn’t at the top of most travelers’ lists, but a of late, travel to the destination has exploded with adventure seekers flocking to Iceland in droves. Most tend to visit for a chance to take a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon, but the borders of the island-country hold so much more to uncover.

Globetrotter Tonto Goldstein (@heartofalyon) recently visited Iceland to dig a little deeper and unveil what the country has to offer, and discovered a more authentic side that many visitors don’t often see.

Take a peek into Tonto’s Icelandic adventure in our exclusive guide, and jot down a few tips while you’re scrolling that will help you journey beyond the Blue Lagoon when you finally visit.

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