British pop superstar Bree Runway is always going to serve an unforgettable visual, no matter what. Her latest one has ‘Moulin Rouge’-type scenery that features crystal costumes, light choreography and men as ATM machines. The sweetest surprise was a guest appearance from Iconology rapper Missy Elliott, who quickly reminded everyone of why we love her.

In “ATM,” Runway and Elliott rap about the need for the guy in their life to have his own cash—and not be afraid to spend it on his queen. “Swipe, swipe, that’s my language/Only rock with a n—- that can handle it/You know what I need and there ain’t nobody finer/Shoes, top, skirt, bling, purse, all designer,” Runway raps over production by Klahr & LIOHN.

Runway also prioritized featuring darker skinned Black women in the video and regularly champions them after having her own experiences with colorism at young age. “Hopefully I’ve given a voice to other black girls,” she said to Dazed Digital.

When discussing the making of the song with Complex in November 2020, Runway revealed that it was Missy’s idea to do a song with her, which is a high honor for any artist. “I was just about to close my eyes and my A&R called…He said, ‘Missy Elliott wants to do a record with you,'” she said.

She then added, “When I got her verse back, tears were literally streaming down my face. I kept saying, ‘OMG! Missy thee legend, the icon!…She just means so much to me; her work is still as iconic as it was when I was a kid, and that’s timeless—that’s that icon shit. I hope I have that same kind of impact in the years to come.”

Watch Bree Runway and Missy Elliott’s new video for “ATM” below.