Missy Elliot Takes Bree Runway’s  ‘ATM’ Single To The Bank
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Missy Elliot is joining Bree Runway on her way to the “ATM.” The legendary rapper, producer, and songwriter was revealed as the mystery featured artist on the new song from the London rapper. 

Bree asked her fans to guess what musical legend would be joining her on the song by creating a temporary page where she dropped hints and left coded messages featuring a series of special clues. 

Erika Goldring

Bree shared her excitement about getting Elliot to appear on the track on Twitter after the news was revealed. “Happy to announce that the mystery feature on my single “ATM” is the one and only legend Missy Elliott,” she wrote. “Lil ole Bree from London on a song with one of the biggest legends on this planet!”

The tweet also included a clip of the artist dancing to Elliot’s music in full cosplay, the way God and Timbaland intended.

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The accomplishment meant so much to Bree that she stayed up for days soaking it in. “Like, i haven’t been able to sleep in days because of this moment! it just keeps sinking in over and over again….. bree runway ft missy ELLIOTT…. what….. the …. f*ck…..,” she tweeted. 

The track is the first single from Bree’s debut mixtape 2000AND4EVA. “ATM,” taps into the mood of the time period the project’s title promises. Elliot boasts that “I got so much drip, you could see me surfing,” during her verse. While Bree brags that only first-class men can take her “higher.”

The energetic beat produced by Klahr & LIOHN passes the car test by moving away from the laid back mood of 2020 and back into the spirited flow of the early 00s.