Racists Target Black Couple In Vicious Attack At South Africa KFC 
A Black couple is still recovering from a racially-motivated attack that took place at KFC drive through in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, last Wednesday. According to the pair, they asked the car in front of them to move forward in the line and were caught off guard when six white men jumped out of two separate cars and started attacking them without any provocation. The woman was able to start recording the incident before the vicious beating began. In the graphic video footage from the attack, which has been widely circulated on social media, the woman can be heard screaming as her man begs for the attackers to stop. One of the attackers can be heard repeatedly yelling the phrase,“Skiet hom!” in Afrikaaans, which translates to “Shoot him!” Police were called to the scene and arrived immediately, arresting four of the men, while two managed to escape before being apprehended. One of the escaped men handed himself over to police Monday. South African Police Services media spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela confirmed that a gun was used to intimidate the couple. “The four men were charged with assault and intimidation with a dangerous weapon,” Makhubela said during a press conference. “They appeared before the Pretoria North Magistrates court on Friday.” SA Police Minister Fikile Mbalula revealed in a tweet on Saturday that the assaulters have also been previously linked to other attacks on Black people in the area and had pending cases of assault against them. One of the men who was arrested on the scene has since been released on bail. The other three attackers were denied bail for various reasons. The fifth man is expected to appear in court Tuesday, while the remaining attacker is currently still at large.

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