11 African Beauty Bloggers You Should Absolutely Be Following

These African beauty gurus are heating up YouTube one flawless look at a time.

Luso Mnthali Sep, 19, 2017

The wonderful world of beauty blogging is full of amazingly talented young ladies you may not have on your radar just yet, but not to worry! We’ve put together a list of 11of Africa’s most popping YouTube beauty divas who you’ll definitely want to check out sooner than later. Happy scrolling!

1 of 11 @JackieAina Instagram

At the top of this list is Jackie Aina, a Nigerian-American with a large YouTube following who is bound to take over the world with her wit and beauty. She’s so fun to watch, but make sure your budget is in tact, because she'll definitely leave you wanting to by every product she uses! At1.6 million YouTube subscribers, Jackie is the real deal.

2 of 11 @NymaTang Instagram

Nyma Tang is a Texas-based beauty blogger, originally hailing from South Sudan. Her star is really in the ascendant (one of her videos has 2.6 million views) and with her shorter, punchy videos, she explores which makeup brands have shades that will work for the darkest skin tones. And it certainly doesn't hurt her makeup always looks amazing.

3 of 11 @ronkerraji

Ronke Raji is a Nigerian beauty blogger whose attention to detail is truly unmatched. The gorgeous MUA recently caused quite a stir on social media alongside her equally-stylish bae when their photos from a breathtaking fashion shoot went viral. She also made her NYFW debut in September.

4 of 11 @dimmaumeh Instagram

Dimma’s eyebrow tutorial—which is more of a makeup 'do’s' and 'don’ts' than a full-on tutorial— is the best one around. Cheers to making scary eyebrows a thing of the past, and to helping makeup making sense to those of us who don’t use much of it, but still want that firm know-how.

5 of 11 @jamieandniks Instagram

Nikki Perkins is a Sudanese-Australian model and lifestyle vlogger, whose sister Duckie is successful high fashion model and most recently appeared in Rihanna's Fenty Beauty campaign. She's detailed her struggles to find her shade of makeup in Australia on her blog, so she was naturally excited to find a Fenty Beauty shade that matches her flawless skin perfectly.

6 of 11 @mihlalii_n Instagram

Mihlali Ndamasehas the most subscribers of the South African beauty vloggers and it's not hard to see why. She’s the social media darling who knows how to whip up and describe her makeup looks perfectly. She’s also got quite a personality and her facial expressions are life. She's also been very open about her skin health journey, which hasn’t always been easy.

7 of 11 @toniolaoye1Instagram

We've never seen anyone execute doll-like make up magic as fast as stunning Nigerian beauty blogger Toni Olaoye. Although she is most known for her signature dramatic looks, she can also tone it down without skipping a beat.

8 of 11 @thepatriciabright Instagram

Patricia Bright is the Brit Nigerian who's charming, funny and amazing in the makeup department. With 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, all you really need to know is that you’ll have a blast watching her do her thing. She is gold.

9 of 11 @cgwebuofficial Instagram

A South African beauty blogger who's on the rise, Cynthia Gwebu's videos have a unique quality that keeps her audience coming back. She's also known for using about products that viewers can access right in Cape Town.

10 of 11 @MellyRichNyajal Twitter

Melanain Rich Nyajal is another South Sudanese, US-based beauty blogger who enjoys showing dark-skinned women with beautiful complexions similar to her own how to enjoy makeup. She also does great hair reviews.

11 of 11 @ShirleyBEniang Instagram

Shirley B. Eniang is a half-Nigerian, half-Ghanaian-Canadian beauty blogger who was born in London and also focuses on fashion and lifestyle on her increasingly popular channel.