MSNBC host and former ESSENCE columnist Melissa Harris-Perry has some strong feelings about George Zimmerman. While speaking at Cornell University, Perry did not hold back her feelings about what happened between Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman on the night of the murder. 

"I hope [Martin] tried to stay alive. I hope he knew that he lived in a state with a 'Stand Your Ground’ law. And I hope he whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman," Harris-Perry said. "And it’s not disreputable because he encountered a stranger who was prepared to kill him, and you know how I know? Because he killed him." [Huffington Post]

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This is even more #BlackGirlMagic! 

Lauren Porter
Apr, 20, 2016

Congratulations to Melissa Harris-Perry as she has been awarded the 2016 Hillman Prize for Broadcast Journalism!

Harris-Perry, who walked away from her MSNBC weekend news and opinion talk show in February, earned the coveted award on Wednesday for her "dedication to journalism in service of social justice."

Melissa Harris-Perry Walks Away from MSNBC Show, Tweets ‘Farewell’ to Fans

According to Hendrik Hertzberg, who is both a Hillman judge and and a staff writer for the New Yorker, journalists who go above and beyond to report stories with integrity and truth are awarded the prize. 

“Our goal at Hillman is to encourage the kind of journalism that goes beyond abstractions like racial equality, women’s rights, equality of opportunity, and equal justice under law to show the human realities of courage and suffering that underlie the unfinished struggle to achieve them.”

Carry on with all of your #BlackGirlMagic, Melissa!