Sports Illustrated model Ebonee Davis discusses why wearing natural hair is very comfortable.

Sabrina R Perkins
Mar, 29, 2016

Model Ebonee Davis, who can be seen posing for Calvin Klein, Teen Vogue, and Urban Outfitters, is living life by her own rules. This 23-year-old beauty from NYC was tired of living up to industry standards and realized real success when she chose to have control over her own image. There is a stigma associated with women who do not rock natural hair as being "self-hating" but Davis disagrees.

“A lot of people associate not wearing weave or straightening your hair with being more enlightened but I don’t agree with that," says Davis in a recent interview with Huffington Post. "I’ve straightened my hair and added pieces a few times since I went natural. I’ve said before, I love my afro but sometimes I want 32-inch wavy Brazilian weave and I’m no less 'woke' than I was before I got it."

Clearly, the lesson here is to be yourself and not to compromise for any industry standard. Do you agree?