Sports Illustrated Model Ebonee Davis On Why She Wears Her Natural Curls (And Weaves)

Model Ebonee Davis, who can be seen posing for Calvin Klein, Teen Vogue, and Urban Outfitters, is living life by her own rules. This 23-year-old beauty from NYC was tired of living up to industry standards and realized real success when she chose to have control over her own image. There is a stigma associated with women who do not rock natural hair as being “self-hating” but Davis disagrees.

“A lot of people associate not wearing weave or straightening your hair with being more enlightened but I don’t agree with that,” says Davis in a recent interview with Huffington Post. “I’ve straightened my hair and added pieces a few times since I went natural. I’ve said before, I love my afro but sometimes I want 32-inch wavy Brazilian weave and I’m no less ‘woke’ than I was before I got it.”

Clearly, the lesson here is to be yourself and not to compromise for any industry standard. Do you agree?

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