Sound-Off: Are We Already Post-Post-Racial?

Three years after the historic election of 2008, is the racial climate of the country getting worse? It seems like ever since we saw the election of a Black POTUS, we've gotten a little pushback from some Whites who'd rather keep the racial climate of this country as it has been for many years: terse, painful and informed by White privilege (see: the Tea Party movement, the efforts Arizona has made to make being an ethnic 'minority' illegal, etc). Others seem a bit too comfortable playing the "post" race card, using the n-word as if it's no longer taboo (see: John Mayer, Bristol Palin's new boyfriend and allegedly, Halle Berry's ex-beau Gabriel Aubry)... Here's what you had to say: Tashawna commented via Facebook: "I live in Texas. Racism is alive and well here and it never went away!" Marta wrote via Facebook: "We are finding out that there are a lot of closet-racists who have decided to finally come out of the closet."


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