Celebrities in Legal Trouble

Jeremis Soriano is not thanking Drake at all. Soriano is accusing the "Thank Me Later" rapper and his bodyguard of assaulting him following a concert in Jacksonville, Florida. Sariano claims that he approached Drake after the show and and was shoved away. Sariano then verbally insulted the MC, which angered Drake's bodyguard and caused security to punch Soriano in the face. While Drake has yet to be formally charged, a bunch of celebrities this year alone have found themselves in deep trouble with the law. Whether it was for child support, drug possession, or assault, these celebrities have not been on their best behavior lately. Here are the celebs in the past year that have been charged, arrested, or accused of breaking the law... Here's what you had to say: Jacqueline commented via Facebook: "It seems like the more money they have, the more problems they have." Rene wrote via Facebook: "This stuff happens every day in the hood and beyond."


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