Flashback Fridays: Box Braids

Before Jennifer Aniston made that bouncy layered haircut called the  'Rachel' popular on the show 'Friends,' Black women were buzzing about a hair trend Janet Jackson set in 1993 when she rocked her insanely long box braids in the film "Poetic Justice." You remember how fly you thought Janet was with her newsboy hat flipped to the back covering the top of the chunky individual braids that fell down her back.  Whether you called them box braids, kassamas braids, plaits, or dookie braids, you had to have them in your own head... Here's what you had to say: Ryan commented via Facebook: "I still get my 'Poetic Justice' braids from time to time." Sarida wrote via Facebook: "I used to love those kind of braids, I wish they would come back."


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