New Moms: Less Teens, More Thirty-Somethings

Is 35 really the new 25? For some women over 35 looking to have children, this just might be the case. Let's imagine we know a highly educated woman in her late 30's who is thinking of having children. But unlike days of old, our girl is not looking at a wedding ring as a passport to having children because she has the means to do it on her own. Do you know her? According to a new from the Pew Research Center study more children are being born to single, educated women over 35 than are to teenagers. The average age at which women have their first child is still 25, though older women may slowly be changing this... Here's what you had to say: CML commented: "I wish everyone would take note of the statistics related to single parenthood, rather than justifying having children alone." Trell wrote: "I think every woman should have at least one child."


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