Commentary: Six Flags Won't Hire Women with Dreads

Well damn, tell 'em how you really feel! Six Flags America did just that -- disqualifying not one, but two Maryland women from employment candidacy for sporting their natural hair. According to ABC 7 News, who obtained a copy of Six Flags' outdated corporate grooming standards for employees, the company does not permit "any hairstyle that detracts or takes away from Six Flags' theme." With both women given the 'chop' for their refusal to chop their locks, Six Flags was forced to issue a statement to ABC News: "Six Flags enforces a conservative grooming policy across all parks. The policy does not permit certain hairstyles..." Here's what you had to say: Jan commented: "I could see if Six Flags said the locks had to be tied, if they were long, for safety reasons, but to deem our natural hair as unprofessional is discriminatory. Braids and locks can look 'conservative' and professional."


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