Being a 'Black, Female, Single Problem'

In a response to "Nightline Face-Off" journalist Farai Chideya thinks the media's new-found coverage (or maybe obsession) with single Black women makes it seem like it's "open season on Black womanhood." "The show's focus was on the purportedly low value of Black women in the dating marketplace and the wisdom of Black women's choice to stay single versus marrying men who don't fit their criteria," writes Chideya in an opinion piece in the Huffington Post. The real issue, she thinks, isn't Black women it's the economic insecurity everyone is feeling right now. Who better to scrutinize than women, who overall, have been able to "hold onto their jobs in this economy better than men have..." Related stories: Word on the Street: 'Nightline's' Single Sister DebateResponse To Nightline's Black Single Ladies 'Face-Off


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