A Response To Nightline's Black SIngle Ladies 'Face-Off'

Confession: For several weeks now, I've been living in fear. It started when I learned "Nightline" was headed back to Atlanta for a "Face-Off" debate with the title, "Why Can't A Successful Black Woman Find A Man?" Sigh. Again? Before I even knew the line-up or the questions, all I could think about was the aftermath of a show they did about the same topic back in December. What ensued was a sort of Single Black Woman hysteria, an expected reaction when it's repeatedly implied that checking "single" on an application of any kind after 30 means you have somehow failed in life, and that your prospects of finding a great guy to love and love you back are pretty slim... Related stories: Commentary: The Black Men ShortageCommentary: Debunking The "B" WordHere's what you had to say: Jade commented: "I do believe this debate only causes contention between black women and black men." Yvonne wrote: "The potential thing is true. Not everyone is going to be at the top of their game when you meet them, especially if you meet them when you are relatively young."


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