Nightline: Girls Vs. Boys in Single Black Woman Debate

Nightline placed the question "Why can't a successful Black woman find a man?" before a panel of female celebrities and male relationship experts. The debate was a follow-up to its previous coverage in December of 2009, this time pitting Sherri Shepherd and Jacque Reid against author Jimi Izrael ("The Denzel Principle") and actor/author Hill Harper ("The Conversation"). Moderating this "Nightline Face Off" is the love guru himself, Steve Harvey (co-host of this year's ESSENCE Music Festival), and ABC's Vicki Mabrey. Check it out tonight on Nightline at 11:35 pm ET. Read More: 'Nightline' Single Black Female Story Strikes NerveCommentary: The Black Men Shortage Here's what you had to say: Nita commented: "I've heard the statistics. No one will let us forget them. I'd rather focus on my goal, which is to become the wife of a good Black man. I'm still living my life, but I am finding other ways of getting out there." Jade wrote: "Who says a successful Black woman can't find a man? I think this is a self-fulfilling prophecy thing. They think if they repeat it enough, Black women will internalize it and it will become true."


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