Do Moms Who Spank Make Their Kids Bullies?

To spank or not to spank? The debate over turning to the rod continues to be a hot button issue for parents looking to discipline their children. A new study from Tulane University may win the argument for those against giving children a lick or two. According to the study--which will be published in the May issue of Pediatrics magazine--mothers who regularly spanked their toddler at 3 years old reported an increase in aggressive behaviors like bullying, arguing, screaming and cruelty by the time they were five... Read More: Spanking in Suburbia: An AA Mom's TaleBalancing Act: I Refuse To Hit My Child Here's what you had to say: Realtalk commented: "It's real simple: 'You spare the rod, you spoil the child.'" Anonymous said: "I raised 3 successful children, none of them were ever hit. How does hitting a child make them respectful? I think it is demeaning."


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