To spank or not to spank? The debate over turning to the rod continues to be a hot button issue for parents looking to discipline their children. A new study from Tulane University may win the argument for those against giving children a lick or two. According to the study–which will be published in the May issue of Pediatrics magazine–mothers who regularly spanked their toddler at 3 years old reported an increase in aggressive behaviors like bullying, arguing, screaming and cruelty by the time they were five. Researchers interviewed 2, 500 mothers from 20 large US cities when their child was three-years-old and again when they were five. Forty six percent of the mothers said they had not spanked their child in the past month, 28 percent said they had spanked once or twice and 26 percent said they spanked more than twice. The mothers who regularly spanked their toddler reported an increase in aggression levels between the time the child was three and five. “The evidence is at a point where we want to encourage parents to use techniques other than spanking that can actually lower children’s risk for being more aggressive,” said lead researcher Catherine A. Taylor. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not advocate any form of corporal punishment. And yet American parents do not agree. A 2005 poll found that 72% of American adults think it’s okay to spank a child. What do you think? Read More: