Bridal Bliss: For A Lifetime

Chari Brooks met Carlton Horton in their ninth grade gym class in 1993. The two didn't start dating until their freshman year in college in 1997. After having a son in 1999, the driven couple decided to continue to go along at their own pace and take things slow. Ten years later, when they were ready, Mom and Dad became husband and wife in a white-hot destination celebration in South Beach, Miami. Share their love. Read More: Bridal Bliss: In It To Win It Bridal Bliss: Heaven Sent Bridal Bliss: Family Matters Here's what you had to say: Sasha commented: "Wow, I viewed the couples slideshow at the end of the gallery and these are some of the most breathtaking wedding pics I have ever seen. I wish the couple much love and success." Butterfly said: "I think this couples story is beautiful. I think it is very modern to get established and set up a healthy foundation for themselves and child. I think is good to see healthy love."


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