Balancing Act: I Ate 3000 Calories A Day For My Kids

Last August I had the most impractical blessing ever: I gave birth to twins. Yes, they're adorable, and I thank God they're healthy. But the jump from a family of one to four--we can't forget their loving dad--made 2009 one of the craziest years of my life. I didn't grow up around children. So, though I've always wanted a family, the logistics of how and when was simply fodder for my daydreams. That all changed last January when my life stopped reading like a Black romantic comedy and turned into a Lifetime special of the week. One day I realized my period was late, then seemingly overnight, my boyfriend and I started talking about our new life plan... Read More: Balancing Act: I Helped My Son Learn To HearBalancing Act: I Refuse to Hit My ChildHere's what you had to say: Ladysabrina commented: "Much success in being a new mom. I gave birth to twin boys back in August 2007. In the beginning it's hard but when you have a good support system you are able to conquer anything..."


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