Black Women And The 'Pressure' To Spend

When rapper Maino recently took issue with Dominican model Rosa Acosta for wearing "cheap shoes" to a video shoot little did he know he was touching on a nerve for many women of color. "Look at your shoes. Look at your bag," he said on a radio show. "I don't even f**k with women like you. I don't want you if I can't sport you." Acosta responded by saying she would wear what she could afford. "Why would I go and buy a $2000 pair of shoes that I can't afford when I can actually help my family or spend money on my education?" she asked. "Maino's comment and mentality is the reason why [women] are skipping out on rent...just to floss," responded blogger Necole Bitchie. "If you have a closet full of expensive shoes and handbags but still have trouble keeping your lights on...That's a problem..." Read More: Closing The Wealth Gap For Black WomenLove Versus MoneyHow To Negotiate With Your Credit Card Company


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