'Sexting' Teens Could Face Felony Charges

Teens in Iowa and Florida are getting an adult education on the difference between pornography and child's play. In cases involving "sexting," many states have adapted child pornography laws that make sending a sexually explicit text message a felony, according to a recent New York Times article. 18-year-old Phillip Alpert learned his lesson the hard way after sending mass emails of his ex-girlfriend in the nude. He was later convicted of sending child pornography and will most likely stay on the sex offenders list until he is 43. But parents aren't taking so kindly to the laws and argue that child pornography laws were written before the age of Myspace, Facebook and Twitter... Read More: Your Cheating Text Will Tell On YouTeens Having Sex Before "The Talk" Texting: Another Hazard To Your Health Here's what you had to say: EvOne commented: "I must say, I kind of feel bad for the kids stuck in this situation. At that age, you do stupid things because you're overloaded with hormones and you are super horny. To get such a harsh sentence is almost overboard." D said: "I can't feel bad for the kids who are punished. ...It's time to show them, one way or another, that this type of behavior will not be tolerated!"


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