What's Keeping Us From Online Dating?

In the last ESSENCE.com live chat, I proposed to one woman that she use online dating as a way to increase her chances of meeting men. Thinking that most women participating in a live chat online would get behind me on that, I was surprised to actually find resistance to the idea. Since then, I've been trying to figure out why more women don't want to look for love online. And, with a little help from a former social networking pioneer, I've decided to practice what I preach and try internet dating for myself... Read More: Online Dating 101: Getting Started Black Women Have Less Success in Online Dating Here's what you said: Anonymous wrote: "Tried it, didn't like it--too many games, and too nerve-wracking for me." SDanielle said: "Online dating is just like regular dating. You have to be smart, know what you want, and sift through the peple who are looking to play games. I met someone nice online and am enjoying getting to know him."


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