Fat Chance: Blaming The Obese For Their Weight

If you've ever been referred to as "the fat chick" then you know how much social attitudes about fat people can sting and shame. In a culture that celebrates personal responsibility, "fat people have become scapegoats for all manner of cultural ills," writes Harriet Brown in a recent essay in The New York Times. Despite people's best efforts and research suggesting that it is difficult to make and keep long-term changes with weight, adds Brown, it's acceptable to ridicule and wag the finger at the obese. "Public attitudes about fat have never been more judgmental; stigmatizing fat people has become not just acceptable but, in some circles, de rigueur..." Read More: Are We Obesity Obsessed?Obesity Rates Stop RisingFirst Lady Asks Mayors to Lower Obesity Rates Here's what you said: Michelle wrote: "I think Americans should be concerned for every person, regardless of size. I know some people who are considered 'overweight' but live a healthy lifestyle. I also know a lot of "athletically built" people, who live a unhealthy lifestyle." Dawn said: "Yes, it's up to the individual to take care of her body by eating healthier foods and doing more physical activities. ...The time is now for women to take care of themselves, physically, emotionally and mentally!"


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