Why Must Black Hollywood Glorify Drug Dealers?

Dear Hollywood, your story lines about inner-city drug dealers are tired. For my generation you've done it with Nino Brown ("New Jack City"), Bishop ("Juice"), Frank Lucas ("American Gangster") and now with Casanova "Caz" Phillips in "Brooklyn's Finest." All these characters are cookie-cutter predictable: drug lords who get rich or die tryin', often at the detriment of their family and community. I say, we're ready to see something else... Read More: Tobias Truvuillon Gets Grimy in "Brooklyn's Finest" The Men of "Brooklyn's Finest" Frisky Friday: The Bedside Manner of "Brooklyn's Finest" Here's what you said: Queenie said: Why are you making it seem like...that's all there is to being a black male? I personally don't know anyone who ever sold drugs and I live in the HOOD. Foxy said: I don't believe that Black Hollywood GLORIFIES drug dealers. I think that they have told the same story more than once but that's with any story line...These films just fit in the "gangster" genre of film.


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