Commentary: Stop Talking About Single Black Ladies

Michele Grant from Black 'n Bougie reacts to all the sudden attention focused on the single Black woman and her dating life. From relationship gurus to bloggers with an opinion, she declares "enough is enough." "Stop telling me how I think, what to do, how to look, who to date, when to exhale...I beg of you." Read More: Commentary: Black Love Is Under Attack Commentary: The Black Men Shortage Here's what you had to say: Denise commented: "Praise GOD and thank you JESUS, it is about time somebody aired a rebuttal to all the BS about single women...That made my morning. I'm going to share with all my girlfriends." Anonymous wrote: "Girrrlllll, sister-friend, you nailed it!!! We are not a science or pity project. As always we'll be just fine."


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