Jill Scott Seeks Redemption in 'Sins of the Mother'

You know that old adage, "You can't go home again?" Well, after watching "Sins of the Mother," you might get the feeling that you can return to your roots, if you can open your heart to forgive. On Sunday, Lifetime Movie Network will air "Sins of the Mother" starring Jill Scott as Nona, a reformed alcoholic who is determined to stay sober and reconnect with her grown daughter, LaShay, portrayed by Nicole Beharie. The problem is, LaShay--or Shay, as she now prefers to be called--is still harboring pain and hurt from her past. Sadly, she's not dealt with the residual affects of being raised by a single parent who chose the bottle over motherhood. ESSENCE.com spoke with Jill Scott about the film and the power of forgiveness. Read more: Jill Scott To Appear in "Law & Order: SVU"Jill Scott Entangled in Lawsuit
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