Devyne Stephens Launches Music Careers and Images

Atlanta has long been a hot bed of artistic and cultural activity. However, with housewives and hip-hoppers often dominating the headlines, it's easy to forget that there's more going on in the A. Take, for example, music mogul Devyne Stephens. The ATL native has spent the last decade grooming the careers of artists like Usher, Alicia Keys and Akon. Stephens' Upfront Megatainment serves as one of the city's few one-stop shop for artists, featuring a recording studio, hair and make up wing, photo studio, nutrition and fitness counseling, media training and a choreography studio. Akon, who is currently signed to Upfront/Konvict as a recording artist, has spawned the likes of T-Pain. Stephens also brokered a label deal for Akon's KonLive music label with Geffen/Interscope Records and Akon tapped Stephens to be the Executive Vice President of the label, a testament to their mutual respect. Lady GaGa is signed to KonLive. Despite all his success in the music industry, the thing that Stephens is most proud of is his recent philanthropic efforts. recently spoke with Stephens about discovering stars, Atlanta and his Devyne Intervention non-profit project.


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