Some newlyweds can now really say that they were on cloud nine on their wedding day, just in a different kind of way.

With the legalization of marijuana in certain parts of the United States, like Alaska, California, Colorado, and Nevada to name a few, the cannabis industry is making its way onto the wedding scene adding an element to nuptials that most people never thought of before.

Marijuana can now be incorporated during a bride and groom’s big day: from the vows to the reception, the marijuana business has found ways to elevate (ahem, pun intended) a bride and groom’s special day, and it all begins during the wedding planning process.

There are event planners like Bec Koop of Irie Wedding & Events who say they can add a little green to your wedding, or newly engaged couples can visit the Cannabis Wedding Expo to meet marijuana vendors.

This latest wedding scene amenity is opening the door for more innovative ways to include the popular pastime into one of the biggest days of a couple’s life. So long liquor open bars, now couples can have a marijuana bar at their weddings and those flower bouquets and floral table decors are being replaced with weed bouquets and arrangements.

According to Adrian Sedlin, chief executive officer of Canndescent, “[Budbars are] actually cheaper than liquor. There’s a lot more buzz for the buck in cannabis than in alcohol.” Event companies are selling kush packages starting at $3,000 to as low as $25 an hour for budtenders.

According to Bloomberg, “A typical bud bar might include pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and glass pipes. Some couples choose to add bongs, edibles, and cannabis cocktails to the mix.” Nothing is off limits when it comes to these cannabis wedding planners and the experiences they can create at weddings.