Go Inside ESSENCE Festival and Master P's Celebrity Basketball Game

Master P, Ray J, Dee-1 and a host of other celebrities talk about the vision behind the basketball game that brought out the whole community. Check out the recap! 

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 30, 2017
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[MUSIC] You know what, supporting Team NOLA and Team Hope, and everybody here's important cuz fun and love and everybody getting together to have fun is important because we all go through hard times and we all going through To some, they might believe we come together today to just have fun, to just, can breathe a little big. Just know that life is not just all about downs. There's a lot of ups in life, too. Just keep God first. This city is in the hands of its leaders. And everyone on this court is the leader. God gave us the gift, and we're entrusted to be good stewards for that gift. So that's what we're doing. We're trying to let the people know that it's not about us. It's a bless [MUSIC] Giving back in the only way to do it. You know what I'm saying? When you give you give, when you learn you take. So its the circle of life, if we dont do that, what else are we here for? It's a good foundation to you know, for the community, kids, you know, so I love to support it. Well, you know, when you're talking about team Noel, you're talking about us, you're talking about our youth, you're talking about people around us that came from nothing. These are our kids, like you know what, let's help them understand the importance of education. That you know what, if somebody make it, one of these kids make it out here, they come back and never forget. And that's what I did. [MUSIC]