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[BLANK_AUDIO] Now that the Billy Bush tapes have come out. Mm-hm. They're women from his past who are now coming out with accusations. Women from many years ago, that people are still doubting their claims or they're saying why now, why all of a sudden coming forward. And they're saying, Because you too long, it's the women's fault. What about- [CROSSTALK] Okay, stop right there. Start the court. [CROSSTALK] I'm glad you said that, you know what, you know what I want to say? And when I heard about that, that was funny, because no one said that to Cosby's accusers. Okay- So what if they did? [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] Not like this.Not like this, Not like this. Like this? They did, they did, they did. That's not true. They did, they did come forth, because Cosby is considered the ultimate dad of America. they said they were piling on Cosby as it was happening. To this point? No>>But he also wasn't running For president, so is kind of we have to weigh that. Very true, very true. However they did, not to cut you off, they did say their are women who are coming forward from like 30 years ago. And they are like, why are coming forward now. Also because its a safe space to come forward now. Right, but way do we blame the women automatically, why is it so difficult for us. And by us, I'm not necessary meaning the people at this table, but as a society to say. You know what, maybe Susan accuser number three is has only feel like safe to come forward because Susan accuser number one came forward. So, who cares if it was 10 years ago or three years ago, this man could possibly run our country. Why blame the women? [CROSSTALK] Well let's be honest. I think a lot goes into this. There, [CROSSTALK] Let me just put this on the table about accusers And, Or if, I don't even want to call them accusers- People who come forward. I want to call them sexual assault survivors. Less than 2% of woman who come forward and say that they were raped or sexually assault, are lying. Let's just put that out there. Like, I think the number is 1800 women a day are raped or sexually assaulted. It's like one point four ages twenty five. So let's do the math. I don't think, in this case it's attacking women, but I think anyone that takes a long time to talk about something that now is gone to light, is already suspected of lying. It's not so much that everybody's attacking him because the onus on the woman. Sometimes the time period Allows for spectisism, [COUGH] to come into play. But then that's reasonable amount of time, coz you take someone like Brock Turner, the rapist, whose not a former swimmer, he's a rapist, Ca him who he is, yeah. Who still gets hows like former swimmer and they're trying reduce his time and they're doing everything to protect the attacker Mm-hm. Like he did less time, you get more time for a parking ticket than he got for raping a drugged, or drunk woman. I don't know if she was drugged. Unconscious. And he was still protected during the course of prosecution. He didn't wait ten years. It's also why women don't come forward [CROSSTALK] Exactly. Exactly, it's criminal like. Like how do you come out against Trump when he's running the pageant That you're trying to participate in, to get money for college or live a better life. Amen. And he's grabbing you, greeting you by the vagina, like, doing any number of things and he's like, what do speak out, do you speak out against the guy who's running Donald Trump's Miss Teen America pageant? You can't fight that battle. You can't at all. Like there's We're gonna see what your saying out. No, no that was a very good point. We wanna see what you're saying out there on social media. We asked you if you were offended by Trump's quote, grab them by the **** comment. @KCIMARY tweeted offensive, but I've heard worse from some of the most popular songs on the radio. Hillary's Hillary's bad deeds are worse than Trump's words. God. Child. [LAUGH] @barbaraannwalk1 said, yes, not good talk from a man trying to be our next president, and just in general. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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