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Today on Essence Live, we're talking about bad gal Rihanna topping the charts and the box office with Home and B, better have my money. Steven Bishop from Being Mary Jane gives us the secret to keeping an open and honest relationship and no one, not even Mary Mary's Erica Campbell is safe. Slade or Shade? Essence Live begins right now. Hello Essence I'm Dana Blair and welcome to Essence Live, your one stop shop for big names, big topics, and of course big fun. Don't forget you can always join in on the party b y using the hashtag Essence live. Keep it PG-13 people. Here to break down an exciting week in entertainment is Essence entertainment director Cori Murray. Welcome back Cori. Thank you very much Diane. Very fabulous to have you my darling. Thank you. I want to start off with talking about Black Girls Rock, because it was jam packed with memorable moments. Stand out performances and some tear jerking speeches. What were your top three moments from the night? Okay, All right, first of all, Sheila E opening. Yes. I will fully disclose I'm an 80s baby so Glamorous Life was my life. Uh-hm. So she was up there just jamming. She was serving it. And I called my daughter, I was like, what, Sheila E, she's in this, cause you know what I realize, I mean, I love the singers all day long Right. the singer songwriters, but. He was singer, songwriter and a musician. Uh-hm. She comes from this huge family. She was feeling it. Yes. She was in it. I mean just like Beyonce, I am feeling myself. Oh I'm sorry, Nikki Minaj. She was feeling herself and I loved it, the energy, and I loved everyone jumping up for her. What about number two? My number two favorite was. Nadia Lopez's speech. Mm-hm. Because I know a lot of people are talking about Michelle Obama's, which I love, but Nadia Lopez, it was, it was something very spiritual about her speech cuz I love the fact that she was like, you know, God gave me the gift to empower children, what are you doing with th, the gift that God has given you and that really struck a chord with me. And also I've, I'm a mother of a young daughter and she's getting ready to go into public schools and I'm. And I love the fact that here's this woman who really wanted to uplift these kids in Brownsville, New York. So, my heart went out to her. I really connected. Especially since right now we're at a time where we're seeing so many young women, especially. And of course some young men, fighting [UNKNOWN] over social media. Yes. And these are becoming of the most viral videos out there. Mm-hm. Most recently, the fight in, that took place in Brooklyn at the McDonald's, where this young lady- That was crazy. Was jumped. Yes. You know, and that's the type of thing that, unfortunately, is being glorified. Yes. So it's a nice contrast. So I really enjoyed that moment as well. No, it was beautiful. And all the kids spoke so highly. If you could. You could sense the pride they had- Mmmhmmm. Just being in school and being under Ms. Lopez's leadership, and it was very moving. And number three? I gotta say, I know the- I love all the honorees, but those moments they did the [UNKNOWN] Girl moments, those little-. Little people. I was just like, What was i doing at thirteen? Was I just chilling. Like. I'm trying to figure out my life. I'm still trying to figure out my life at 33 Okay? You know what I'm saying. Like entrepreneurs a coder, you know, a book illustrator, a author, I was so inspired by those young women and I wish they could, I love the way they incorporate it into the show but I wish they had a bigger moment. I love, I love the macro moments. Because there's a little girl watching somewhere. I know the way I used to watch in Alexandria, Louisiana, or some town, somewhere, that's seeing themselves- Yes. And saying, hey, there are people my age who are doing this and they might be getting picked on at school for doing this- Mm-hm. Type of thing. Or be, having those interests, but being able identify and know that they're not alone and that there are others out there. I think that is just truly inspirational. No, I love it. And I even, especially love the girls. She showed her braces. They didn't try to grown make those girls look grown. They showed them as their true selves. They're age appropriate. Yes. And I loved it. Every moment of it. So, so that was a very inspirational moment for black girls, boys, women and men. The sledge did not stop on television because we saw our stars dominate the box office as well. The top three grossing films last weekend all featured African American actors. Furious 7 with Tyrese, Home with Rhianna and Get Hard with Kevin Hart. Let's talk first about Furious 7, Cori. $100 million debut? It's not even summer holiday season, it's April. They broke records for the movie debut in April, and then also now it's one of the 10 top US openings of all time. But I think what helped it in. No disrespect, but I think it's the fact that Paul Walker, the way he died, there was something when he passed away. That cast was so hurt and heart broken. Um-hm. I mean, Vin Diesel has named his child, his newest. Child Yes, yes. You know what I mean, so like, you saw the comradery and the family that they had created [CROSSTALK] and I think folks wanted to just go and support them in that, and plus it's, it's a great franchise, it's a, it's a fast movie, I think people are kind of waiting for something to kind of, I think we all had a hard winter and we just want to like bring the summer, even if it's in April, bring me the heat. Right, and they brought it onscreen. Because usually, after like seven, come on. I know. Or two or three, folks are usually a little serious about it I'll admit, I missed four and five. Oh, just four and five? Yeah, I did check back in for the one in Brazil. But that was it. But that's Brazil. Yeah, it is. And, falling from the number one spot. Bob, but still raking in $27 million this week in the Dreamworks home with Rihanna. Where we sat down with Rihanna recently, jealous. She really gravitated this role, tell us about it. She really did, I mean there was a point during the questions where someone asked her, like you know, what was it like because, Tiff, her character is from Barbados. Holla. You know and she was like, that was very key for her that this little, that her character would be. animated like her, that she would look like her, because you know Tip has some little hips in the show and she's got her hair and she said that was really important for her, because if she's going to do this, I mean, this is her first animated role, she wanted to make sure the message was very clear. And she just, I love that also, you know you think that someone like Rhi Rhi who is like. dominating everything. Be either a dominatrix or what have you but she was nervous coming to this and up until the last couple weeks before she delivered her first, her final scene, but she's so happy with it and she seemed so confident it it. I hope to see more of this from her. Oh definitely. I want to touch base with some of the things that you guys had the pleasure of sharing with us. Wendolin via Facebook said I loved it. She did such a good job. The little girl was a real size little girl, independent, smart, caring and I can't wait for it to come out on dvd. Corey, it looks like parents and children both, are really taking to the character. How does Riana balance her. Kid friendly side. With a [UNKNOWN] side [LAUGH] Not many people can be animated and be in that childlike roll and then release a song the BBHM and, and perform coming out of a helicopter like the very same weekend. Yeah. I think what it is, you have to accept Rihanna for who she is. And as a parent. You know, I give my daughter child-friendly Rihanna. She's not gonna listen to BBHH. Right, right. And she shouldn't. I hear you. Go ahead- And she is, she's not. But I give her What's My Name- Mm-hm. And she's, like, oh, I like that song- Right. I gave her Home- Mm-hm. Is she gonna listen to Rihanna's full album, the eighth album? No. No, I understand what you're saying. You just give it two inner parts. But I think that's how you balance it. And also you just have to realise these celebrities are not, we shouldn't look at them, we should not put 'em on pedestals. So just take what you want from them and then just keep them over there I think that's a good approach. Yes. Definitely. So moving on from bad gal to a group of R&B bad boys. Jodeci stopped by this week and it got me thinking, what are some of your favorite Jodeci music videos? @Kimb_D said Cry for You, grand piano in the desert, with the boys, leathered up, can't beat that. Feenin' is also a fun video. @Everbent said, Feenin', Come on and Talk to Me, Forever My Lady, Cry for You, Lately. Okay sorry, couldn't just pick one. I was about to say he didn't just pick one. My personal favorite is Feenin' it's on my gym mix. I use it as a part of my cool down. It makes me feel very fabulous and like, I like strut at the gym. Sometimes i might trip. But Corey we're going to hear about your favorite a little bit later on. And that's that. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Dana. I know I'll see you again soon to talk more entertainment fabulosity. Yes. Coming up, Stephen Bishop of Being Mary Jane explains why he and MJ just can't get it right. But up next, we hear from the men themselves, KC, Jojo, and Mr. Dalvin. Plus, superfans from the Essence staff tell us their favorite Jodeci music videos of all time. Check it out. Essence Live. [MUSIC] Get on up was my favorite video. That's me personally, because I had to fully remember who's on top of that [INAUDIBLE] us. I was gonna, cause that was one of my favorite songs. My favorite Jones. Video is Love U 4 Life. [MUSIC] The men got married and what, what else do we love more than black love? Jealousy doing black love. First of all, the talking at the beginning. [MUSIC] And then they're all in white. It's just, they're just like oh, just stay with us. Stay. Like, it was, it was simple but you know, the vocals were just so rich and it was so powerful and so sexy that it was just R and B perfection. Ooh yeah. My favorite was. Forever my lady, and that's what started everything. Up until this day right now, I'll never forget that moment that, that time. [MUSIC] This song is everything to me, here you have it in studio, these guys wearing all white in their. Manly, and they're just singing their hearts out with so much conviction. So we blew up. Ooh yeah. [INAUDIBLE] I think my favorite was probably "I'm still waiting". But this one works because you have the perfect mix of ratchet R&B. They're singing their hearts out but they're all on the street but their shirts are off. In a skully hat, real sexy, real ratchet, but real soulful, all at the same time. [UNKNOWN] was here right now, I think his favorite video would, no, would be, him, Snoop, and all them was sitting in the back of [CROSSTALK]. Feenin'. Feenin'. Yes. Feenin', just the cameos in, in the beginning, and makes it a little comedic, so. That would have to be my all time favorite Jodeci video. Oh yeah. Work with the boom. But right now we just concentrating on this new video Every Moment. every moment. [MUSIC] Every moment. It is so sweet. [LAUGH] Peace. Oh yeah. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. Actor Gbenga Akinnagbe may be most known for his role as Chris Partlow in the HBO series, The Wire. But currently he stars alongside Michael Ealy in the FOX crime thriller, The Following. I caught up with Gbenga to discuss his career. And he shared with me the strangest fan request he's ever gotten. Trust me, you don't want to miss this. It involves pistol whipping. How did you get into acting? [INAUDIBLE] That is a long short story, I was a division one wrestler, and that's what I wanted to do when I graduated to earn a position with one of the teams that sponsors Olympians and international wrestlers. I was lucky. Uh-huh In the meantime, I was trying to sort that out, I worked for the federal government.Then someone came by my cubicle and mentioned there friend was was an actor in town doing a play. I had never thought of it before as a job someone did. So I asked, how did your friend get into it? And that person. Who mentioned it was very dismissable. Where you can do it because my friend was this and that. And then I had to find out about it. I bought books. I researched it online. Mm-hm. I went into chatrooms when they were a little less creepy. [LAUGH] And, and to find out what actors did. And then, and then I started auditioning at theaters in the, in the area and I ended up getting my first role in the Shakespeare Theater in D.C. And then what happened to wrestling? Obviously. I love wrestling. I, I. So you dropped wrestling for acting. >I dropped wrestling for acting here and there. I did the tournament while I was doing the wire and I can [INAUDIBLE] I can say it now I'm not in tears after the wire. [LAUGH] I like, I did my last tournament in 07 in Baltimore and Keaton's won't believe. And I won. But, I've had. Just had to throw that in there, you want. You know, yo u know, I can work with that first place and then i can move my body the next day. Okay, alright, ya know I think it's looking pretty good. No, I'll do that in a second. I love her, i don't think I'll ever stop. So, you're wrestling acting with the wire. And which of course catapulted you, I mean, everyone follows the wire and I'm sure people follow you around the streets of Brooklyn like reciting lines. So, do you have like a crazy fan story. This one person who asked me to who asked, for a message to be delivered, Mm'hm who asked if I would. Did you see his eyebrows? Okay. [LAUGH] Because, it's still like whoa, I would pistol-whip her. Your mouth dropped. You weren't expecting that. No, I was not expecting that. No, yeah. At all. So what did you say? So after I pistol-whipped her, right? No, no, I'm just joking. [LAUGH] I'm joking. I'm joking. [LAUGH] No, I didn't pistol-whip her. I put some, again. Mm-hm. Again, the message was delivered to me. I, my mouth dropped like yours just did. And uh,and then I went back and continued shooting, because it was in between takes. And I was like, ok, now that was interesting. You know? That's an, that's an awkward segue. Transition. Season three of The Following. Yes. You're new to the cast. Yes. Were you a fan of the show for season one and two? When I knew I was coming to do this show, I started to do my research, and I could not. I stopped watched, I kind of just zipped through the first season. And now, being on it, it's been a lot of fun. Kevin, Sean, Mike, Jessica, all the people I'm working with that, this is really down to earth, fun, hard-working actors, so I'm having a great time. Tell us about your character. I kill everybody. Oh nice. No, no, no. You see it's not like Chris, Chris on a wire, Chris he made a lot of bodies. A little aggressive yeah. Yeah a little, a little, a little bit. Just misunderstood. Now Tom, the following, love interest. So he's like killing everybody. Because he loves everybody. Oh goodness, any who. Moving right along, your also heavily involved in the community. And drawing attention to issues that affect the African diaspora. Can you tell us a little bit about your fashion line, liberated people? Liberated people I've been fortunate enough to be a part of different social movements around the world. I was part of occupy Nigeria, protesting in Israel and the West Bank. Here in Brooklyn, I was on trial for protesting. Stop and frisk a few years ago. It was very powerful for me. And we often ha, feel that our struggles are unique to our sub-group, but I, I, I had, I was fortunate enough to see, that, th, this isn't necessarily, this isn't necessarily the, the truth. That, the, the struggle's what we have in common, so I wanted to make something that was emblematic of that. It's been really cool. I spoke at the U.N. a couple years ago on behalf of the company. Mm-hm. On a panel. Given a TED talk on behalf of the company about stop and frisk, so it's been pretty dope, because, like, like, these are things that kind of translate race language, you know, nation, national lines. Mm hm. And so people respond to it. We get messages and orders from all over the world, so it's dope. Essence Live Thank you to Banga, coming up next, being Mary Jane's, Stephen Bishop is in the house. And you have to hear why he doesn't think he needs to lock his phone. My exclusive interview is coming up right now. Don't go anywhere. Time Inc. presents, Your daily dose of the best video from all the brands you love. The daily cut. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. If you like what you're seeing, feel free to Tweet or Instagram your favorite moments from the show, using the hashtag #essencelive. My next guess plays the role of David on the BET series Being Mary Jane. I sat down with the handsome Steven Bishop. Let's take a look. [MUSIC] Many folks don't know that you started off as a professional baseball player. I did. How did you transition into acting? The transition was actually pretty, pretty smooth. Mm-hm, I. I got released by Baltimore, and I was sitting in my kitchen, fielding calls from other teams to see if I wanted to continue to play. And I, in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to going to act at some point. Oh, okay. I took a drama course in college, and the professor was really complimentary of my work, and told me that he thought that I should pursue it, for, for a living, as a living. And I you know, being the young cocky baseball player. You, no, tell me more? I was like never. Okay, I'm putting, I'm putting on that I was cocky. [LAUGH] I told you know, I'm, I'm, gonna play pro ball man, I don't, I'm not gonna need that. He was like, well you know keep it in your back pocket. You never know. You know, one of the wise things that, that grown people tell young people that we don't get until we are grown. You never listen to it first. I kept hearing what I called gods voice in my ear saying it's time, it's time and I took that to mean that it's time to transfer from the baseball train to the one that was going to take me to my ultimate destination. So I rented a car, and I drove the two hours to LA, and called one of my college buddy's Thomas Ware Shout out It's been good, I've worked consistently, Quite a bit, yes And I'm having a good run with a great show, and a great group of people that I work with, so, I can't, I don't have any regrets. and speaking of that great show being. Mary Jane. Your character and M J Gabrielle Union's character, can't ever seem to get on that same page. Yeah. Which personally, I'm just gonna blame you for everything. Why do you, why do so, there's that constant, that constant, I don't know. Friction between the two of you. Well, because there's so much passion, and there's so much chemistry, and there's so, there's so much intelligence flying between those two people- Mm-hm. That they, everybody, the, they each have their walls, and they each have their, their pride and their ego- Mm-hm. And, and, they don't. have the capacity to all the way let it go. And when they finally do, God willing they finally do, God willing writers that they finally do. I was about to say was that a slip for the finale? No. Definitely not, I can't say anything about the finale except for what has been. Shown already- Mm-hm. And, you know, there's, apparently David is, you know, one of Lisa's triggers for her depression somehow. Maybe we'll figure that out- Figure that out- In the finale. In the future. Mm-Hm. But, yeah, the show is fantastic to work on. I'm extremely pleased with the way that the the fans have embraced us and- Mm-hm. I'm so happy to be working opposite Gabrielle. She is a fantastic actor and, I mean, she is fantastic. Some of the things that I've seen her do on set, I mean, I've sat with, other actors, we're there for eye line for her, and she's doing big monologues or whatever and. And I think okay, they, they. they gotta use that tape. [LAUGH] That was what, that was it. It can't get any better than that. Mh-hm. And she'll come and do it better. And it's like, wow. You know, so I draw inspiration from. Watching her and it's great that I get to work right here with the inspiration With her? Gabriel's a unique character. She's been on a few things such as like Stealing Sperm and Going Through Your Phone. Mm-hm, What's your deal breaker? Either one of those things would be a good place to start. [LAUGH] He's like. That, that, you know, the invasion of privacy thing, you know, I've got, I've got a couple of friends who have come to me recently and said, you know, oh, my god, and they, they've got this shell shocked look on their face, and just. This, it's a weird look. [LAUGH] Oh my God. I got woken up last night at 4:30 in the morning to a screaming woman. So, you believe, shouldn't go looking for something you're not ready to find. Actually, you shouldn't invade people's privacy. Good point. You know, it's, it's, it's not. My, it's not your phone, it's my phone. There's things in there that maybe I don't want you to see. Granted if we're in a relationship you, you have free, free, I, I don't have a lock on my phone. You know, and I don't hide my phone. You're one of the few men in America. [LAUGH] But, but, I'm still gonna be, I'm. Still not gonna be happy if- Right. [CROSSTALK] and say I found something in your phone. I think that's you know, that's, it's, it's classless, it's, it's kinda tacky to me. Mm-hm. And I just don't think that it's something that's conducive to having a healthy relationship. If you don't trust somebody to the point where you gotta go through their phone, should you really be in the. In a relationship with them? That's a very good point. You know, so. I completely agree on that one. But now I'm leading to my, my final question. Are you single? Everyone at wants to know this, by the way. I have, I have a girlfriend, a beautiful girlfriend named Desiree. Mm-hm, mm-hm. And we are coming up on our one year anniversary. And so you know, no I'm not. He's like so no, know her name and everything now. But you know. I'm happy. That's a blessing, yes. She's a beautiful intelligent hard working woman and you know. It's, it's a great situation. Thank you so much, Stephen, for stopping by. Don't worry, ladies, that isn't the last you've seen of him. Later on this month, we'll take him to our Steam Room, to ask the Being Mary Jane star some very hot and heavy question. But up next, no celeb or subject is safe. Kylie Jenner's blackface, money, Mayweather's mouthpiece, we discuss it all when we come back with Slayed or Shade. [MUSIC] Get ready to bring the love to the Super Dome July 3rd through 5th. And experience the festival where we will bring you Soul. [MUSIC] To Caribbean. From Pop. To hip hop. [MUSIC] R&B [MUSIC] To jazz. [MUSIC] As well as hometown favorites. [MUSIC] Visit to see the full lineup for the Essence Festival in New Orleans, July 3rd through 5th. Buy your tickets. Kids now. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. It's been a great show this far and we're not stopping just yet. Let's get right into some of this weeks juiciest topics. It's time for slayed or shade. Joining me today, we have. Singer songwriter Bridget Kelly, Essence's senior manager of marketing and founder of Soul Society 101 Rondel Holder, and comedian and cast member of Oxygen's Funny Girls which premiered this week, Yamaneika Saunders. How are you? Good. Good. You're doing good? I'm good. Thank you for joining us. All right. This is my favorite part of the show so I'm just gonna drop right on in. Okay. Last weekend reality start Kylie Jenner posted this photo on her Instagram and it just about broke the gram. The caption read what I wish I looked like all the time. She later deleted the post after several of her followers accused her of being in black face. Kylie later took to Twitter to officially address the situation, mentioning that the photographer used a black light and neon lights for the photos. So are we shading Kylie for posting the photo to begin with or did she slay by standing up for herself and defending her post? Give it to me, slayed or shade? Mmm. I'm going to go with Slayed. We've got Slayed, oh, okay you took a while, don't delay, Slayed. I'm going to go with Slayed. It wasn't giving me black face, first and foremost. It was like, more purple face. Okay. LIke it was purple. The neon lights, I totally, she looked like Sailor Moon, it wasn't really giving me, it wasn't giving me like. Like really ratchet black face. I think it's the same kind of truth though as I'm not surprised, that she said she wished she looked like that all the time. Right. Right, I want to look like a super hero. And she defended herself. Go for it boo. Yeah I think she wanna look like a black woman cause they all dating black men. So. Just bring it on in. Yeah. You slayed there, you looked good, okay? Is that a male thing? [LAUGH] I think she looked like a member of TLC. She did a little advertising action, and, right? Exactly, exactly. [LAUGH] I don't think she was trying to do. [LAUGH] I don't think she was trying to do black face. I think it was more of like a futuristic artistic look. There are other things that I think people are concerned with with the Kardashians like in terms of being too comfortable with black culture. I just don't think that this particular case is that way. Yeah I was going to ask that. Do you [INAUDIBLE]. It's not real black. Sensitive because of who they are. Yeah I think well, well we have a history of how we've been in this country so I don't, I, I don't, you know, I understand people being sensitive about stuff life that, but if you want to get technical real black face comes with real racism, and real nooses, and real KKK, you know this is just like, a harmless teenager, I don't think she was thinking anything about that it's just. Was a beautiful look, so I appreciated that. It wasn't blackface. I've seen blackface and that wasn't it. I completely agree. And if she, I mean if she wants to be black are we that surprised? No, true. No, I mean. An email went out about it a long time ago. You know what I mean, It's she, that entire clan embraces black culture, I mean. I like that look. I like that word play. Brought it together. Gotta bring it together. Moving on. It's been reported that Floyd Money Mayweather pays roughly $25,000 a piece to get custom mouth guards made. He customizes his guards with things like gold flakes. diamonds and real hundred dollar bills, that's what we do in the south. Okay folks [LAUGH] is this a ridiculous way to blow money or does Floyd play because he's living up to his money may weather nickname. Here we go slade or shade. Oh, Shade, Shade, what's that your in the middle? I don't, I didn't understand, why, why you putting that kind of money in your mouth. I did read an article where he said, it helps him breathe better which was surprising me cause I have sleep apnea so I need maybe one of them mouth guards. I need to breathe better. All it takes to clear up the sinuses is some diamonds in my mouth. Right, or a breathe, or a breathing rag. immediately. I call it a nose strut. [INAUDIBLE] You get a mouth guard. You get a mouth guard. You get a mouth guard. But like, I mean, come on. You know, I think it's frivolous. And he's a fighter. So, why. You don't really guard your mouth in real life, but you're gonna do it with diamonds and $100 bills on your off days, come on. But are we surprised? If you can burn $100 bills in the club before, like, he's very, he lives an extravagant lifestyle. That type of situation. Ron Dell, what's your. I'm not surprised. I'm just like, can you use your money a little bit more wisely, like. We got people hungry in the world. Mm-hm, Like, like put it towards that. It's, it's a little bit like when girls used to get those dollar bills in their nails back in the day. I did that. Sorry.>> [LAUGH] I was that girl. Sorry. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. But I mean it was a dollar bill it wasn't a hundred dollar bill it was like let's cut it in a little square. We trying to make to whole thing last. These fingers. No I think I agree with you though, I think it's really frivolous and I think, you know people, kids need braces. Mm-hm. Yeah. You know what I mean? Kids need braces and you out here with a mouth guard that's you know. There's something you could be doing in the community. $25,000 is a lot, that's a down payment on a house bro. True, true. [CROSSTALK] But you also say that he does stuff. That's the thing, you know, that's the thing with him is like he's going to say I do stuff in the community, I do this and this and that, and it's okay for me to put that kind of money in my mouth. I just think that's unnecessary, unless, you know, if he put his debit card number in there and then flash it when he goes to restaurants and be like this is my debit card. How easy would it be for someone to scan your teeth. And you get some chicken wings. That's so bad. That's so bad. I'm not mad at that. Yeah, somebody's gonna try that. All right. And when they do, you better come for your money. Okay, hello. All right. Finally, Erica Campbell, one half of the hit gospel duo Mary Mary dropped her latest single called I Love God. That's not my southern accent coming out, it's really spelled luh, luh God, let's take a listen. [MUSIC] Okay, I feel some kinda wrong because I'm bouncing but people are already coining the singer's new sound as trap gospel. Does Erica slay for her new trap gospel sound or are we shading her because maybe she's gone too far? Here we go. Slayed or shade? Slayed, slayed and shade. Alright, Bridget. I mean, I, I understand trying to keep up with the times and make it cool, but it's like you shouldn't have to be dumbing it down, you don't have to dumb down God to make it sound like aahh. Right. I don't want to do that thinking about Christ. I want to be in the moment, I want to praise and worship. I want it to be a spiritual thing. That makes, doesn't make me want to be spiritual. Makes me want to drop it low. Mm-hm. That is a good point. Not, not, those are conflicting ideas. Those are not supposed to be one and the same. I'm just saying. Not. [LAUGH] Rondelle? I think. It gets, it gets a little blurred. Because gospel is a content. It's not a genre. So you can have gospel that's like soul R&B which is what most black people are used to. They have alternative, alternative. They have rock. I mean in this case, he's just trying to reach a new generation. It's like when Kirk Franklin came out with hip-hop gospel and people got upset. But it, it wound up being a huge look for the Gospel community and, and CHristian music. So, I think it's a cool look. And ain't nothing wrong with a little shimmy for Jesus, you know what I'm saying. You can shimmy for Jesus, but I kinda wanna. [INAUDIBLE] like it brings a certain different flavor in your body that almost feels inappropriate. No but you've got to remember, I grew up, I dunno if you all grew up with the church. I was in the church night and day [INAUDIBLE] listen, you want to reach them young kids and give them something they can hear, this is not for your grandmother to listen to. She okay cause my grandma was that, turn that mess off, I don't wanna hear that, what's all that bippin and boppin and pull your pants up. Bippin and boppin. You know bippin and boppin, you all know here what do with that. But the reality is right, you know them old school something, past midnight [INAUDIBLE] And the kids be tuning out like, what is this old negro spirit, are we going back to the, sometimes I go to church, I'm like are we going back to slavery? Mm-hm we don't want to wait in the. No, no, no, no I want to get a little bippin and bop. And you may not have brought your tambourine. You just may not have. Yeah. I think it's a matter of like, you know, it's reaching the people versus the people reaching out for it, like you have to kind of. Meeting people half way. I get it but is, but is, but is that the audience that she's going for. Like is everything consistent with that message. Like with that message. What I think that they demeaned by calling it trap and that's what got us, is they putting a thing on it that it shouldn't have. It just gospel music and it may have a little something that. You know, people in the world will recognize the beat, but by the time they start bipping and bopping to it. They'll go, oh yeah, she loves God. Right. What's wrong with me, because I don't love God. Do you love? And then you start to open a dialogue about God, how good he is. Right. So maybe, that it's a label situation. Maybe that's Yeah, let's not call it trash Let's not call it trash No, no, what should we call it, though? I don't know. We'll have to come up with that one. Or we'll have to throw it out there to you. Unfortunately, we have run out of time. I'd like to thank all of our guests for joining us and for spending a little time with us [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Live. I'd also like to thank all of you who tuned in today. I hope you enjoyed the show. Next week, join us. Tamia is stopping by Essence Live and we're talking her upcoming album and she gives us her secret to a long-lasting and loving relationship. You know the deal. Next week, same time. same place, I'm Dana Blair, see ya. [MUSIC]

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