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[SOUND] I'm sure you all heard that 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy. There's been much speculation as to why he did it, from not wanting to pay out money from pending lawsuits, to 50 actually being broke. Okay. Okay, so does 50 slay because it was a smart business move to protect his assets? Or do we shade 50 because if he's not really bankrupt, he sure is making it more difficult for who really do need to file bankruptcy to file bankruptcy. All right, so, on a count of 3, 1, 2, 3, slayed or shade. Kapow. Oh, we have, oh. Okay. Come on, Tammy. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] a shade, girl? I'm trying to do a Oh you in the middle. [LAUGH] Yeah me too. I'm gone start with you girl. This one here is like I'm gone hold it That's a shady slayed. I'm park in the middle. She just trying to show off her manicure. Imma park to the side. Tracy what are your thoughts? Imma pull out a throwback thursday which is the word research. And there's different types of bankruptcies you can file, you know. Huh. When you hear the word chapter, one should assume that there's multiple, usually come in plural form. So for Chapter 11, the way that 50 worded it, it does have to do with reorganizing your finances, and that way you can still actually, like dictate where it goes and restructure. There's other ones where you just, like, forfeit it all. And it just goes and pays off. That would be a chapter 13. We learning something here, we learning something. Well, what had happened was. But you know, sometimes were always asking okay, how come the rich keep all the secrets to themselves, illuminati? That was just a lesson that got trickled off to the masses. Take it with you. Keep it in your back pocket. You may need it ten years from now. Maybe. All right Yomaniko. Well when you talk about finances, you really lost me. [LAUGH] Because I still deposit his checks. I was so glad when the apps came out on the phone where you can get the check right away. I mean I pulled out $20. I gotta put in $10 to get $30, so You know all of this stuff is, I don't what in the world is going on. But I gave him a slay because here's the thing about 50, the creative way that he's trying to dodge his responsibility on some end and and you know, even though I feel bad for the girl that had that lawsuit against him. I feel like he needs to pay her some money for the way he's spinning that stuff. Candy tried to put it out there. Okay. 50 do you what you got to do. You got Vitamin water you aint broke. Anybody's that's on Vitamin Water and got they name on the Vitamin Water. Plenty of money and if you filing chapter whatever, chapter me in also. Because I had to listen to his latest album that hurt me. It hurt my soul. So I'm also filing chapter 11, 12 and 13. And I need some reparations. It hurt you in the soul? Yeah, I need at least 56 times Then. [CROSSTALK] Alright. I'm so mad at you. So angry at you. Okay, so I'm gonna give you the final word. Miss I'm in the middle of [UNKNOWN] Yeah, because it was a shady slay. Okay. I mean, it was a shady move to just ignore his responsibility to pay this young lady because he did something wrong to her and he should have to take responsibility for that. But the slay move was the filing of the bankruptcy to just not have to do that. I mean the average, if Kenny Anderson had a thought about filling child support, that's why I said it's a slay because the average person is not gonna think. To do that. That is true. So he's creative with his move. But also too, though, everybody has that group of cousins or friends and you like oh, that's what you wanna do. I'll see you. I'll see you. Yeah. [LAUGH] Not that I condone that behavior, Essence family. I'm just saying. Yep. It happens. [LAUGH] So I'm gonna check in with you. Our Facebook fam, Lashandra Taylor says and I quote. Smart business move indeed!!! "They say it's a big rich town" #Realpowermove All right, so looks like audience Mrs. Taylor's a fan of his TV show Power so thanks for chiming in, girl.

Was 50 Cent's Bankruptcy Filing the Best Move?

50 Cent recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Was it a smart business move or a selfish move? Find out what our #slayedorshade panel has to say.