VIDEO: Learning To Embrace Your Frizz With Taren Guy

Day old, frizzy hair isn’t always bad. In fact, it can actually work in your favor. Taren Guy, founder of Luv & Learn Your Hair tells us how!

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 04, 2014
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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Deena Campbell, Hair & Beauty Editor, and today I'm here with Taren Guy. She's the Founder of Luv and Learn Your Hair. And a natural hair YouTube personality. Taren. Hey how are you? Good, how are. For you. So today we wanna talk about frizz. It is a big issue. Summertime is here. It's humid. It's hot. What do we wanna do? I mean, it is crazy. How can embrace it. Yeah, well first of all. Yes, embrace it, because a lot of people, they try to fight it, and then it becomes a problem and an issue. So, how about, you know, just doing things to make it work for you. Okay. And my number one thing would be, definitely stay away from heavy heavy, heavy products, no matter what hair texture you have. Products that weight your hair down, kinda lighted up a little bit. On the product, and it will allow your hair to rise as it dries. So, lightweight, all the way. Rise as it dries. I love that. [LAUGH] Rise as it dries. [LAUGH] Great, so go lighter on the conditioners. Lighter products. Number two. What should we do? Number two diffuser. I can't live without it. Okay. Seriously, When I found out about the diffuser, I, it's always stuck with me cuz I love big hair. So, what I like about the diffuser is that you wash your hair, it's curly or. You know, quilly and you get the instant dry result from the defuser. You don't have to wait all day or ten hours and then by the evening your hair is dry and flat. So, instant dry results as well as volume. Because the defuser automatically crunches your curls and allows your hair to rise. Okay. As it dries. As it dries. I love it. [LAUGH] Okay, number 3? Number 3, I definitely would say the pick. After your hair is dry and you've worn it maybe about one. Maybe at, right after you've done it. You can actually take the pick and take out your roots. Okay. You don't have to disturb your curl pattern and make it frizzy on purpose. You can if you want to cuz I do that. But, you can just take it into the root and lift the root and it'll definitely hold. Now how high. Should you lift? As high as you can go. Cuz I feel like a lot of women go big. How should you lift? Well that's the beauty of it because you get to control it and your hair is dry, so, you know, you see the shape of it as you're doing it. So I would say, start off you know, kind of, if you're not used to the big giant hair, start of gradual with the pick. And it you wanna go bigger, just go bigger. Also, don't be afraid to extend your wash and wear styles. You know, I would wash my hair every day, or every two days. Now I have a new appreciation for old hair. Old hair is the best hair for me. This hair is probably about four days old. No, No, Yes, No, I don't believe you. So all I do is put it up in a little pineapple at night. And spritz it with a little bit of water to re, I guess moisturize [CROSSTALK] Yeah. Put a little oil in it and fluff it out and I'm ready to go. And it just gets bigger and bigger every day. So, the older, the better, the bigger, the better, the dryer, the better. [LAUGH] Everything that happens in the summer time. Exactly. Just embrace it and, and own it. Okay. That's also. A tip as well. Own the frizz, own the bigness, and just represent your unique style thru your big hair. Great. Sounds good. [LAUGH] Summer time's here, how can we maintain our natural hair? Well, I mean, there's a lot you can do. The number one thing if you haven't even gone natural yet, or you're. You're transitioning and thinking about chopping it all off, summer time is the time to do that. OK. I did my big chop 3 years ago in July and it was great. It was very easy breezy for me. I was able to play around it more. But summer time for that short hair is really... Cool. Okay. If you wanna go for that. Okay. Also, turbans and scarves. I mean you don't have to do your hair all the time. And you can also accent your wardrobe and you know, play with some pretty cool colors and Have some fun. You know, do a few updos. Okay. And, and maybe leave a puff out or something like that. But you can do so much with scarves, headbands. The turban. Especially for medium and long hair. You can totally take off all of your hair from your shoulders and be cool. Get it off of your neck. Cool. Hair on the neck in the summer time is never fun. People are like how do you do that? I'm like you know what I'm used to this but some people it just really bothers them. Okay. Also don't be afraid to play around with protective styling around this time as well. Maybe you want to give your hair a break. Again, it's hot. You don't feel like messing with your hair, but you still wanna look cute of course. Always. So definitely play around with the twisted and braided styles. And you can do so much with that as well. I sat there and put my hair in these tiny twists. For about two hours, but guess what- - Two Hours, oh my gosh! I did it, but it was great because I didn't have to do my hair for a few days and you know, I enjoyed my twisted style. So there's so much that you can do with styling, just play around with it. Just have fun. It sounds like the more fun you have the better it is. Exactly. Don't take your hair so seriously. Also with bobby pins, bobby pins are your friend. A lot of people, they, they really search on YouTube for the sophisticated up do styles Mm-hm. When you have curly or kinky hair, all you gotta do is literally pull it up in the back, stick some pins in without looking in the mirror and do it, you know. It's gonna be cute, that's the, one of the benefits of having naturally textured hair, is. Throw it up. It'll be all good. Okay. Anything else? You can do a lot of co-washing during the, the summertime to extend your style. And also keep it moisturized. You, you wanna have your hair in contact with water as much as possible during the summer. Yes, you know you wanna go for the old hair, but if you want to do that. Just make sure you have a spritzer of something. Okay. So keep a spray bottle in your purse? Yeah, little light weight, they sell them at the beauty supply store. Light weight, light conditioner or a mixed conditioner and water together and just kind of, you know, refresh your hair if it gets too hot and it will keep it moisturized, while you will be able to still wear your hair in it's wash and go state if you have it out. In certain ingredients, you can actually use. It's for your skin, too. Absolutely, yeah. While you're spraying, so it's like. There we go. Set the makeup. Set the hair. [LAUGH] So yeah, hair ties, headbands, accessories, haircuts, and spritz. Sounds like a perfect summer. There we go. [LAUGH]