'Straight Outta Compton' Cast and Director on How NWA Made History When They Spoke Up

From dealing with the FBI to everyday encounters with the LAPD police, 'Straight Outta Compton' director F. Gary Gray and actors Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins talk the importance of NWA making the decision to speak up.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 12, 2015
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That leads me to another question. Sure. That line when they're on tour. The FBI letter comes and they're all like what is FBI I don't know what FBI is. Yea. Cube goes I'd be more scared if it was L.A. PD Right. That was really chilling as well. When they tell the story Cube Said that listen we've had physical encounters with Los Angeles police department. The FBI is just something you hear about on television. You know, we're not afraid of a piece of paper. You know we've never seen a G-man. We've never seen a guy, you know, with an FBI jacket run up in our house. You know beat up our friends and do all that stuff, so you know at the time, maybe they were pretty naive, and so they preferred FBI, over LAPD, until they found out the FBI was pretty serious about it. But even with finding it out, they stood up even more and said you know what? If we gonna go let's go all in. Let's commit. We committed to this and if you guys are gonna harass us, if you're going to take away our freedom of speech, then you know what they say. Yeah I understand it's a trip. Speaking your mind is a trip and the world encourages you to do it but when you do it they try to curb you. You know every time then like hey hey hey you know slow it down. And It's a shame to have to deal with things in that manner because if you can't talk about it, then it becomes physical. And once it becomes physical, it becomes consequential. Mm-hm. You know what I mean? And that's kinda a rock in the hard place that you gotta deal with. You know what I mean, when somebody's this close to your face and talking to you crazy, and you can't say anything. You know, you're forced to be able to use your hands and then. Yeah. Then what? Then you're forced into a jail cell and forced to, you know, the life that comes with that also. It's a domino effect. Yeah. You know and it all starts from people not being able to be uncomfortable with each other. You know what I mean, talking about things just It smooths it out, but you have to be able to get uncomfortable sometimes, you know? That's right. It is what it is.