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[MUSIC] Yesterday's big Shondaland shoot was so much fun. It was great to have all the cast members there. It was a little bit chaos, and it was exciting. I don't think we've ever actually done anything like that before with all of our For cast members. It probably might have been one of the only times you all have been together, all of us together in the same room. So we had a blast and it was this moment I think for a lot of us. Some of us got emotional. To sort of realize what we've all accomplished and what was going on. People always ask me what inspires me and I never am able to answer it adequately. I sort of always say if I knew what my inspiration was or I know what inspired me I would be able to bottle it., sell it and retire to an island somewhere. I have no idea where my inspiration comes from. I feel like I was born with whatever it is that makes me love to write and I don't know from whence it comes. I think what I love most about my job and what I get to do and getting to write these characters is that I feel like I'm telling the truth. You know, people always say, you're saying something or you're putting out a message. And I'm not. I feel like these women exist. I know them. They are my friends. They are people I know, they are me, they are my mother and my sister, my best friends. They exist. And for people to know they ex- Exists and to get to see them on television gives them relevance. Versus people seeing them, believing that they are fairy tails are something. This idea of women of color like this don't exist is really upsetting to me.
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