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I'm Sharia Jackson, Essence lifestyle editor and we are thrilled to have in the Essence studios today, the legendary Miss Patti LaBelle. Welcome, welcome. In addition to looking fabulous, you've worn this color for a very special reason. This is turquoise, the color of lung cancer awareness month, November. I've partnered with the American Lung Association. I lost two sisters to lung cancer. I realized that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of women more so than breast, colon Pancreatic cancer combined. Once you're diagnosed with lung cancer, ladies, you die within a year. My sisters were diagnosed, and within a year they both died. They died two years apart, but both from smoking. Lung cancer comes other ways but you can go go lungforce.org to find out all the ways that it can happen to you. So my reason is to bring awareness. Going to your purse or whatever you have, if it's a dollar, you can go to lungforce.org and before November 17th, give whatever you can. Because we need a hero for lung cancer. And I hope not to lose anymore friends or family members to lung cancer. And when you see pink in October, it's breast cancer awareness. And I've even done things for breast cancer awareness because I've had friends who've died of breast cancer. Now I'm wearing this turquoise because I am the spokesperson for lung cancer awareness. And I'm proud to wear this turquoise. It's beautiful. You look good in it. Thank you girl. You're such an. Inspiration to an entire generation of Black women and brown girls. Thank you for always being a beacon of life for us to see ourselves. You've been slaying for 52 years. Any last message or information you'd like to share for Black women, especially around our health? I'm really like dealing with this lung cancer initiative. This is my missions. Ladies die every eight minutes because there's no research and we need to raise awareness and funds. I'm on this missions now, so I'm [LAUGH] Here I go. There you are. Fabulous and all. Thank you baby. I just loved turning up with Patti LaBelle. So you are doing incredible work. Thank you so much for coming by. Thank you sweetheart. And when you've been blessed, it feels like heaven so pass it on. Pass it on. Well, thank you for passing it on with us. Of course, for awareness, any last tip for women who might wonder Go to Lungforce.org to find out everything that I haven't told you. There's so much to learn about this lung cancer. All right. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, it was an honor. I love you, Essence. Thank you.