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[BLANK_AUDIO] Cast of the highly anticipated BET miniseries, The New Edition Story. [APPLAUSE] They're a little too excited. So fellas, I wanna let you go ahead and introduce yourselves. Starting with you sir, please. Ooh, the pleasure's mine. Elijah Kelley, and I'm playing Ricky Bell. [INAUDIBLE] Luke James, and I'm portraying Johnny Gill. Woody McClain and I play Bobby Brown. Jazz the greatest and I'm playing Michael Gibbons. Algie Smith and I play the Ralph Tresbond. Keith Powers and I play Ronnie DeVo. Thank you guys. I'm sorry he said his accessory moment. [LAUGH] Got to do that. We're gonna push right on through. All right guys, so since you've just told us who you're playing and the series we want to put you to the test, my trusty cards here, we want to see how well you know the character that you're playing So, here's how it works. I'll put 20 seconds on the clock and we'll quickly ask you some trivia questions about the character that you play. Whoever answers the most questions correctly about his character wins. You just win bragging rights that's it. You don't get a car or anything? I'll read the first question. All right Ely you're going to be first in the hot seat. You all look into this camera right here. You ready? Yes. Okay that wasn't one of the questions. Okay question number one here we go. Which New Edition song inspired the name of another R&B group? Hm. Come on now. No helping him. [SOUND] I hope I get a question that easy. You're striking out early? You want to pass, want to pass? That easy. I'm going to pass. What is Ricky's full first name? Ricardo. Okay. True or False. New Edition recorded the song, Come and Talk To Me? False. On Poison- [BEEP] [LAUGH] Ricky, sorry, you only got two. You didn't finish the, Dana. Because you said it and you looked around for support. Boys to Men. You all were supposed to say Boys to Men. And these are the times we turn boys into men. I knew it. It's too late brother. Luke are you ready? Yes, All right, here we go. I hope you lose. Number one, what was the name of New Edition's first single? Candy Girl. Yes. Where was Johnny born? Washington DC. Who did John replace in New Edition? No one. Whoa. Come on. Besides New Edition, name another group Johnny was part of? LSG. What was the name of New Editions 1996 reunion album? Home Again. How did Luke get 90,000 questions? Because Luke slayed it. He slayed it. How did Luke get 90 questions? Because he was quick with it. Ready? Are you in the game? Yeah, I'm ready. Are you focused? Yeah, yeah. Because Luke came through on that one. All right so here we go. [CROSSTALK] Number one, finish line Mr. Telephone Man? Wait what was the? Finish the line Mr. Telephone Man. Something wrong on my line. All right what's Bobby's middle name? Bobby. Bobby left the group voluntarily. True or false? Robert Bobby Brown. What happened? Excuse me, Bobby left the group voluntarily true or false? [SOUND] Pause What year did Bobby Brown marry Whitney Houston? [SOUND] You're done. You're out of time 20 seconds ago. What is his middle name? 1992 What is his middle name? His middle name is Barisford. [CROSSTALK] Wow. [CROSSTALK] All right Keith you ready? Yes I am. You ready? All right, okay, number one. Guys let's give Keith some silence. Luke is still winning okay. What does BBB stand for? [INAUDIBLE] Which cast member from The Cosby Show was in the video for New Edition's Heartbreak? [LAUGH] I know this. Theo. Okay we'll take that. No! True or false, Monty's uncle was New Edition's Voice coach? Brooke Payne. True or false Ronnie's? No no no. How did BBD describe their music? [SOUND] Is hip-hop and R&B's move down in the pop, damn! [LAUGH] Yes! No, no, no, no, no, no, no Because the time. Okay, okay. So that one was hip-hop's move down on the R&B tip with a pop feel. Pop feel! I knew it. Okay [UNKNOWN] you ready? [CROSSTALK] Theo technically. [CROSSTALK] He said Theo! He said Theo! You can't come to the game night. Okay so you got it but you can't come to game night. All right Algi you ready? Yeah I'm ready. Number one who sang lean and New Edition? What's the name of Ralph's number one solo hit song? Sensitivity. True or false, a member of [UNKNOWN] sung the background on Ralph's first solo album? True. Name the New Edition group member Ralph had a double wedding with? Ooh a double wedding, Ronnie. Johnny. What was the name of New Edition's second album? What was the name of New Editions' [UNKNOWN] out of time. Come on. [INAUDIBLE] So it was Ricky Bell for the double wedding and the name of New Edition's second album was New Edition. I didn't get time because they were talking over my question. Is Luke still winning? Cuz he's still smirking kind of. [INAUDIBLE] ready? [CROSSTALK] on or off? Let me fix my mic let me fix my mic. You need the glasses on or off. Look at you when you get excited. Look at that okay are you ready? Yeah get your life. I got it. Number one what boy group was New Edition modeled after? Say that again. What boy group was New Edition modeled after? Jackson 5. What's Mike's middle name? Bivens. Nope. [LAUGH] What's the name of the record label Mike founded? Sporty Rich. Nope. What was the collector's name- [UNKNOWN] Nope, what was the collected name Mike gave the artist on his record label? The collective name, ABC, Boys to Men. Come on Mike, [UNKNOWN]. The East Coast Family. [CROSSTALK] His middle name is Lemont. Lemont. Lemont. [INAUDIBLE] That's it. [CROSSTALK] There's the winner. Clap it up for Lou. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] Me and Luke we did good. We we Stop. [LAUGH] Luke since you won the game I'll start with you, what is your favorite moment from filming with all these crazy guys on camera or off? Honestly, New Edition has been a Complete blessing to us. I'm usually a loner, and now I got an entourage, my boys, my brothers. Do you wanna keep all the boys, cuz some of them- I do, I do. You need this. [LAUGH] You need somebody to ruffle your feathers. And this is the age of the cool and the Black boy joy and it's amazing. Look he's over here fixing himself. My bad I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off. Were you all able to meet the members of New Edition before, middle, during of the process? Yes they were there the whole way and it's It's a luxury having them on set because we get to learn straight from the source. And those guys man they really supported us which made us feel dope. Made us feel like little bro's and I think that matters when you're doing [UNKNOWN]. You want the authenticity. I can never say it. [CROSSTALK] Right here but yeah I mean they were there the whole step of the way even in boot camp which really scared me because I had to dance. Ronnie is the most effortless dancer. So who's the worst dancer out of the group? I am, I'm the worst dancer. I don't even know. No no no you're probably not the worst. Luke? Out of New Edition? [CROSSTALK] [MUSIC] You know what, let the man speak. [LAUGH] I'm just saying for me, just coming out of stepping outside of Empire doing something, [CROSSTALK] Totally totally different. Something that the world loves. And doing something like this is so legendary. Man, these guys have paved the way for artists like Luke. Artists like Chris Brown. People like that and New Edition's just like come on y'all you know what they did. You know what they did. I mean it's everything. Yes sir. Guys unfortunately we've run out of time but you can come back. I don't know some of y'all can come back anytime you want. Thank you for taking the time to [INAUDIBLE]. Say it out loud. Who can come back? I see it on your face. I'll tell you later. Remember to watch the first part of the New Edition story, Tuesday, January 24th, on BET. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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