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What do we do as a community to, eh, end racism nowadays? You're not gonna end it. You ever watched Through the Wormhole? A sixth season episode just aired and the subject matter is bigotry. And the question asked. Is, are we all bigots? And the scientific answer is yes. We're tribal So. Aren't we? Aren't we. I mean, aren't we tribal? Isn't that? Yeah, but that is it. That is, that's the bottom line of bigotry. Yeah. You know my tribe Yeah. Bes, best in your tribe sucks. But we, don't you think that, I mean I was brought up in a racist world, my mom- So was I. Yeah but, my kids aren't, my kids don't understand- Yes, they are. They're not, it's not the same world, Morgan. My- Bull crap. They, No. It's the same, it's not the same, same world, I mean we It's better than it was. [CROSSTALK] Something else. Said it's better than it was. I'm not bigoted against you. No well that's where you go wrong. That guy right there [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] But don't you think it's, hasn't it got better? Hasn't racism got better? What do you call better? Well better for. Better for. People are killing each other all over the place. Yeah, but. Why do you think they're killing each other? I don't like you. You don't share my anything. But isn't it usually, isn't like religion, isn't religion a mask for poverty and lack of education often? Yeah, don't people use religion and hijack religions for other means? And, isn't racism often another way of saying you have. See, you are looking at racism as black and white. Well, that's, I don't know. It's, it's, there's cultural racism. Am I right? Raise your hands if I'm wrong. Put your hand down, what's the matter with you? [LAUGH] Could you, he jumped the gun. He just wants to do well in school Morgan. Come on. Alright, alright. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] I just- Have I addressed though what you're saying? We not going to end it We may shift it so that it looks different than it used to. What we are looking at in Baltimore, Ferguson, Cincinnati or where ever it's going on is not what we would actually Classify is a racism perse because what we're dealing with is quote, unquote, law enforcement. It's a little different. We can change that. We'd better change that. I think we're going to change that. Because these little iPhones that we have, all have, they're taking picture of wrong doing and showing it to the world. So the cops can't hide behind, I feared for my life. That will change things for us. Ferguson and Baltimore and, all these places around the country that we see this kind of wrong doing. I think that's going to shift gears dramatically.

Morgan Freeman Explains the Deeper Issue Behind Racism

In a recent interview with EW Radio on Sirius XM, Morgan Freeman explains why racism is more complex than it may appear.