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So you gotta explain to them how you gonna put the chili in the Crock-Pot. Right, yeah, exactly. [MUSIC] This is Migos in the building. We gonna teach you how to cook this old-fashioned chili. [INAUDIBLE] Cuz it go in the Crock-Pot, but we call it the chili pot. First, you gotta start with some mud. AKA, olive oil. You gotta drop two zips of that oil into that crock pot, olive oil, that is. Second thing, we don't like the onions. So we're probably gonna put a little seasoning, and the seasoning stops. Not too much- You [UNKNOWN] half a zip of chili powder, drop it in the pot. Whip it up and then, we'll get you a pound. A pound of greatest sweetest ground beef. Once you get that ground beef, we grab some salt and pepper. [MUSIC] And spread it to that thing You know what I'm saying? Drop it in there. Chopped tomato, 19zizzle red kidney beans. You know you gotta have the beans with the chilli. Make sure they drained. Drain it all the way out, you know what I'm saying? Last but not least, you gotta get the cheese. You know what I'm saying? You sprinkle the cheese, jalapeno, with a dab of sour cream. [MUSIC] That's how you got that old bowl. Cooking up dope in the crock pot, but we call it the chili pot. That is. Soup. That way. [MUSIC].
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