Keke Palmer is out here wearing whatever she wants and her mom supports her fashion choices. [BLANK_AUDIO] On Twitter and Instagram and you've been wearing some risque outfits. Yeah girl. I am not gonna lie. If I had a body, I'd be in a grocery store in a bikini everyday, okay. First of all you do have a body. You showing that head. Yes, yes, with bangs. Yes with bangs. But you're getting a lot of attention. Yeah, yeah. And per the usual, you get criticism so Yeah. What are your DMs looking like right about now? You know what, my DMs aren't looking like anything. I don't believe that, Keke. I'm telling you girl, my DMs, nobody's in Keke's DM's, you know why? First of all, my DM's are blocked, unless I'm following you [LAUGH] But also, you know, I don't know and this is why I always say, it's not about what you're wearing as much it's about how you're carrying At the end of the day, of course, people will respond the way in which they are. Right. But having said that, I think, you know, people know what I'm about at this point. You know what I mean? People know what type of young lady I am. Right. What I'm going for, what I ain't going for. So, usually knuckleheads, they [LAUGH] The people that would be excited by those photos on a very surface level Right. They already know not to hit my line. I have a question. What does your mom say when you're like I'm gonna wear a see through bra today, mama? Yes, girl, yes. [LAUGH] Because if I had my baby like that I would, my mom is really a very Chicago mom. That's mom. My mom's whole feeling is be true to you. Don't do, if I was saying. You think I should show my titties, so they'll like it? Right. Then, she'll be like yuck. But, because I'm not thinking about it like that, I'm just like, this is hot. This is a vibe, I love this, then she supports it. But, my mom is one of those people that if it's coming from me, it's genuine to me, then she'll be good with it. When she fell like it's not genuine that's when she doesn't like it. Mm-hm. [BLANK_AUDIO]
Mar, 30, 2017

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