Keke Palmer on Mobilizing Her Generation

Actress Keke Palmer encourages other young people to take an interest in community issues by doing what they can to make a change. 

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 30, 2015
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[MUSIC] I feel, not only for my generation, but for a lot of generations before me, but the idea or the understanding of a choice has become obsolete. People don't even really understand that they have a choice, you know what I'm saying? You can either choose to live your life in love, you can You choose to live your life in fear, and that will dictate the reality that happens around you. You know, I feel that my generation has a lot to say on these subjects, when you think about what's happening in Baltimore, what's happened in Ferguson, and so many of the negative things that have been happening today. I feel like my generation has a lot to say about them, but we don't have as many of the formats. Give my generation a chance to really talk about the things that are going on, and that are important, important to us, and showing the world that yeah, we know what's going on. But at the same time, we have to know that it's in our hands. What do I do to help the world? It's just so loaded you know what I mean and I, I used to love this quote by Mother Theresa, there can be no great things done, only small things with great love. So you don't need to rack your brain wondering how can I help everybody in the world because there's not something that you're going to be able to do at the snap of your fingers. All it takes is one person. Doing the best they can, and that person doing the best they can, and that's how you build up the world. So do what you can in your city, if it's as simple as taking a little kid to school. You're spreading positivity you're changing the energy that way, do something where you can help somebody anywhere. Just to put that energy out there. It's not about dropping everything, and I understand that. Everybody got their stuff that they have to do, but it's just little things, little things here and there that could change everything. [MUSIC]