Jordin Sparks Dishes on Her New Love and Music

Cori Murray sits down with Jordin Sparks to talk about working with Babyface on her album and how she met her bae, Sage the Gemini.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2015
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It's been six years since your last project. Yes. Oh my gosh. Does it feel like six years have passed or You know in the middle of it it felt like it was taking forever. But now that it's finally here I feel like it went by so quickly you. I was 19 when I did Battlefield and now I'm 25, sitting here like, that went by really fast. That went by really quick. Explain to me how you got to work with Babyface, I love that song. You know, Salaam is, I don't know how to say it. I call it legend in his own right in the industry. And while we were listening down through stuff that he produced, he's like, I'm just going to play a few tracks that I did and you see if anything touches you. And he had played They Don't Give. It obviously wasn't named that at the time but Babyface had done just like a little reference over it. No lyrics except for they don't give an F about us. [MUSIC] Take a seat. And I heard it and it just touched me and I was like, I love this. And he was like, really? Out of all the ones I play. And I'm like, I love this. Is there any way that we can finish it? Would he be willing to do a session and finish the song? He was like let me call him. And I'm like, yeah. Cuz he can just call Babyface. [CROSSTALK] And so, he called him and we went into the session. And as you can tell I'm never short on words or something to say. [LAUGH] Yeah. And I was in the studio and I just was like a little kid. Just like I don't know what to say right now. I don't know what to do, but we got the song written. Thank goodness. Okay. But it was amazing to just hear and see me sitting with this acoustic guitar. Just sitting and playing and then once we finished the main track, he was like "Let's do some backgrounds here." and I'm like "Okay." and I was like "What do you think?" And he was like "I'll just go and do some and then, you know, you'll hear." [Lady 2] Oh my gosh. [Jordin] And I'm like "Oh, okay." [Lady 2] Babyface is going to sing background on this record. [Jordin] So he goes in and he's layering all these amazing background vocals and I'm sitting Something and they're like, like this he goes like yeah, something like that. And I was just like, can we keep yours in there please. Can we keep your vocals. And he's like okay, sure. So that's him doing the background vocals in this song. Oh, my gosh. So, your boo, Sage. Will you guys be working on any remixes off the album, or any collaborations coming down the pipe? We actually, how we first met was [Jordan] I put out my mix tape last year. [Woman 2] ByeFelica, yeah. [Jordan] and we did a song together called Gasoline and I put him on it and we met in the studio when he came because I was like there needs to be a couple [UNKNOWN] that need to come in and do it, so we met in the studio. We were just friends and then it just kind of turned into something more. We've been in the studio a couple of times, we haven't bitten each other's head off yet. So I think we're okay. [LAUGHS] But we wanna come up with something that's good. We don't want to just put something out just for the sake of doing it. So once we find that right collaboration, you'll hear it. Yeah, thank you. [MUSIC]