Has Iyanla Spoken to DMX Since His Appearance on 'Fix My Life'?

Remember that crazy 2013 episode of Fix My Life when DMX lost it on camera and Iyanla told him, "you will never speak to me again"? Now you can hear Iyanla Vanzant's explain why things went wrong, and why that will never happen again on ESSENCE Live!

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 17, 2016
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[BLANK_AUDIO] You ever walked into a situation or had, I'm not sure if I should call them a client or a guest, and you were like, you know what, I don't know. This one's just kind of out of my hands. Just once. And I accept full responsiblity for it because In my prayer I was guided to do something. Mm-hm. And I didn't do it because of the production process. Mm-hm. I was disobedient and that was with DMX. And so, it just did not turn out well for us [LAUGH]. Understandable. However his son. Really got the support that he needed. So, all things are just as they need to be but I learned from that particular show, never, ever, ever to be disobedient to what my inner guidance is telling me to do. Have you spoken to a DMX [INAUDIBLE] Did I say you never will get the chance to speak to me again? No, never. [BLANK_AUDIO]