The talk show queen sits down with relationships editor Charli Penn for an intimate girl talk.She's really, really powerful and what I want to talk to you about is, you know, a lot of time you hear experts sort of say that powerful women like to cheat, or, because its tempting. You know, or because its tempting, you know, or because just fun, or something to do. I know cheating is not just the man thing anymore. You know, for a women it's on the road. You know 30 weeks out of the year because she is a sales person or an actress, certainly there is temptation. Absolutely. You know, if a woman has a high powered job where she is only one of two in a work room full of a hundred men, you know, certainly that is temptation. If a woman, is a housewife. But her man is a world renowned cardiologist and he's traveling all the time. And that housewife certainly has the access to cheat, now will she or won't she, you know? This is often why I say Charlie, to the girls in their 20s do not get married and do not have babies. Live your life. Because they know things won't happen to you, I mean, well they won't be as tempting we'll say. There's, there's, there's no guarantee. Not absolutely but. There's no guarantee but certainly. It has been my experience through, you know, knowing other women that, that if a woman lives. And I don't mean lives like a nun. I mean live za. Lives. Tries a little of everything [CROSSTALK]. Of everything. Makes all the mistakes. Makes all the mistakes and just lives before she falls in love deeply and gets married and has kids. She will be less tempted, maybe. Do you feel like the same goes for the man? Like, do you think he's really gotta live? Because, you know, they feel like they, they like to live more than we do. So we wait for them to live and we're living. Nobody's getting married till their 40. I, I think that, [LAUGH] I think that, you know what? [LAUGH] Unfortunately, that's not what I hear. The 20 year old girls. The 28 year girls are still falling in love and wanting to get married. And a 25 year old is still quick to defend why, you know, what are you talking about miss Wendy? I've been married for a year and I have a three year old and everything's fine. And I'm like okay. We'll see. Okay. Listen. There are exceptions to every rule. Right. You know and in terms of a men's infidility I just men have a higher sex drive then many women number 1. Mm-hm. Because when a woman grabs life's brass ring, you know, which would be. You know if she wants a career. The career, the baby, the husband or whatever. She doesn't want a husband living together loving together, you know. Marriage isn't for everybody but I certainly do have respect for living and loving situations. But I feel like, women are so tired at the end of the day, you know, many. Mm-hm. Because even when we rule the board room, you know, we still have to figure out who's going to empty the dishwasher. Right, exactly. I didn't say we have to empty it ourselves. But, to a certain extent we still run the show at home. Delegating is extremely important. Right. So that you do have time for yourself at the end of the day and you do have time for your family and, and separate time for your man. You know your kids are one thing. All of you together are, are another thing, but you've got to have separate time for your man and also time for yourself. Not you and your girls. Right. You know, you should have done that in your 20s. You know what I mean? Oh that's interesting. So that's another part of the living. Like all those girlfriend trips wherever they [INAUDIBLE]. Done. Get it out of there. Done. I'll be back to that, you know in my, in my at 65, you know, when we all get back together and do that stuff. Right now, I really don't have time for a bunch of heifers. [LAUGH] Most of my, Girlfriends, well I have separate categories for them. You know, I enjoy the company of my mom friends now at this point in my life, more than the girls that I knew in my 30s, you know, and 40s. You know, many of them, many of them aren't married or living in a loving situation. Several of them are mothers but their mothers to older kids. Like maybe when I was living in my 30s. You know, 33 years old, I'm out all night, dipping it. You have a eight-year-old. Yep. So now your eight-year-old is 28 years old, and now you wanna go out and dip it. Now. Well, you have that. I'm busy. The eight-year-old, or the younger child. Yes, yes. So, you know you, you have to [LAUGH] I mean life is about a balancing act. Right. To get everything done.
Jul, 30, 2014

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