[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Gia Peppers and today on Essence live we're talking to the cast of Underground about there highly anticipated second season. And is your closet a mess like mine? World style expert Patrice J. Williams is going to help you decide to what to keep, trash, or cash. Plus the Essence editors are here with a very special announcement you don't want to miss. But right now it's time for the hotlist. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Jordan Peals new movie, Get Out, continues to dominate the conversations online. Not only is everyone loving it, but theories about the film's symbolism Are also wild. Note, spoilers ahead, some folks think, Roses's separating her cereal from her milk is symbolic of her true desire for separation of the races. Really, I mean we just thought she was weird, but whatever. Meanwhile the film creator and director Jordan Peel has revealed that he originally had a much darker ending planned for the film. He told Buzzfeed's Another Round Podcast, That in one scenario the main character Chris went to jail for the murders of his girlfriend's family but instead, it was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie. I love the ending, but what do you guys think about this? Do you think that if Chris got away at the end of the movie it would be more realistic? Or do you like it the way it is? Let us know in the comments below. [MUSIC] It's becoming harder and harder to believe that Ben Carson was ever a famous neural surgeon at one point, why, because he's the dumbest smartest person in the world. The man who was intelligent enough to operate on brains doesn't seem to quite have his in tap Not only is his life the literal plot of Get Out, but Donald Trump's black BFF believes that slaves were immigrants, and although he tries to back pedal by admitting that the slave narrative is totally different from the immigrant narrative he got dragged and rightfully slow, I know I retweeted a few things real quick Ben Carson. 1, there's no such thing as an involuntary immigrant. Our ancestors were taken against their will. 2, slaves didn't come here and quote, work for less, they were forced to work for nothing at all. And 3 Firstly, America wasn't the land of opportunity. It's the place where they were separated from their families, whipped, raped, starved, and beaten to death. So real quick, Ben Carson: just shut up. And my Cardi B boys forever. [MUSIC] Is it just us, or is the pettiness on a whole new level this week? Remy Ma realised a second diss track to Nicki Minaj and appeared on Wendy in full funeral gear as another jab to Nicki. Meanwhile, Nicki still hasn't responded, unless you count liking jabs at Remy on social media, which, as a rapper, that doesn't count. meanwhile Kandi Burruss Came with a full list of text receipts in her case to see who's the bigger closeted ****, her or Portia Williams. And our President, I still can't believe we have to call him that, anyway, continues to use his time in office to come for Barack Obama. From his doubling down on claims that Obama wiretapped him during the election. Never mind the fact that no one around him knows where he got that information. And Trump and the GOP just unveiled their healthcare plan. Which is basically just Obamacare without all the good parts. So who do you think is the pettiest person of the week? President Trump for coming for Obama, Remi Ma for continuing to come for Nicki, Nicki Minaj for throwing subliminals at Remi, or Candi Verez for her text receipts showing Portia likes to play in the lake [INAUDIBLE] Send us your votes now, using the hashtag essence live. Because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday March 7th, and essence live starts now. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. We air right here on essence.com and Facebook every Tuesday at 3 PM. Hey, girls. I'm Gia Peppers, and remember you can holler at us anytime using #ESSENCELIVE Or by email at essencelive@essence.com if you want to sound off on any of the topics. And speaking of sounding off, this week is off to an unusually petty start. So far we've seen Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams Going at it. Remy Ma coming for Nicki Minaj. And Trump spending more time trashing Barrack Obama than coming up with any real policies. So what do you think? Who is the biggest Petty LaBelle of the week? Is it A, Donald Trump, B, Remy Ma, C, Nikki Minaj, or D, Kandi Burruss? Send us your votes and we'll read the results a little later in the show. Now, let's head on over to our social hangout with out girl Kayla who is reading all of your comments Hey Kate. Hey, how's it going. All right so comments are definitely flooding in and we've got comments on all of them. So Liz Wesley says Candy needs to sit her messy **** down. Shirley McKinney says Carson forgot his history. Liz Wesley says orange face needs to be impeached. So they're not being friendly. [MUSIC] Orange face, that's great. We have so many great names for Donald Trump. But, joining me now, in the studio, are Essence Editors and my personal fave, [UNKNOWN]. Hi girls. Hi. Hi, how are you all doing. [LAUGH] How are you? I'm good. I miss you all I love you guys so much but we have a lot of stuff to talk about but what do you think of the poll that we, who is the palpable of the week out of those four options? I'm going with the Donald Trump because when I saw that he pulled out To claim that Barack Obama, why attacked him. Barack Obama don't give a god damn about your wife. He's so out, like he's done. Have you all seen him in his new jeans? Barack Obama in a leather jacket? He has no time for us. No. Or Donald Trump, yeah. Michele and him are deshelling, they have nothing to do with him. Somebody commented on my Instagram photo but I reposted it, New live, who this. [LAUGH] Uncle Berry and auntie Michelle have no time for us, they're on vocation for the next ten years. Yes, at least, but we have some big news to share we have [UNKNOWN] a very special announcement, you know Essence for our great celebrity interviews in the magazine and here on essence live and now [UNKNOWN] please guys [APPLAUSE] We have a brand new [UNKNOWN] and it's called. Yes Girl! [LAUGH] And it's hosted by these three lovely ladies now Corry, tell us how Yes Girl! came about. Well we love podcasts, Yolanda and I love podcasts and so we would always talk about podcasts and one day we were like we need to have a podcast. So then we just started getting together getting ideas Charlie is the idea queen So, she was like, okay, we need to have a log, and we need to do this, and we need to do that, so we partnered up with digital media, Time Inc., we found that spare time, which is between 2 and 3 am for us. [LAUGH] And we started planning this out, and the responses we've got from celebrities who want to be on our podcast The podcast has been absolutely amazing. I'm so excited, I love, love you guys. We're just talking in conversations I know it's gonna be good. Yolanda what do you think sets Podcast apart from all the other ones? I think for us it's that people have come to Essence like beloved. Yeah. Space, so people come and a lot of celebrities come. They let their guard off. We're just hanging out. And we're just finding out more about you that we may not find out about you in very official interviews. It's just us having a really good conversation. And yeah, they just open up more than I've seen anywhere else. I can't wait. Let me piggyback on that, I love that some of the celebs have come make-up free. No make-up. No make-up, just with their Uggs and a coffee. Ready to talk. Let's talk. Right, let's just talk. I love that. And as our resident relationships guru here, I know we're gonna be hearing some love stories. So, our people kinda opening up with With you about the love life? Yes, and girl, Gia, we are digging in. Because black women, we have some really unique love stories to tell. And honestly, we still don't have a lot of places outside of Essence that are really telling them, and we have And we love stories and really digging in on those little nuggets, but also just real couples, like what's it like to be a Christian couple in 2017 or what's it like to meet your man traveling overseas, like those nuggets and we're going to [UNKNOWN] Yes, I love that. Now, I follow all y'all on InstaSnap and Instagram. So I saw a few, but can you guys tease some of the celebrities that we can expect to see on the podcast? Yeah. Yeah, okay, who's your faves so far? Ooh. Megan Klein, Meghan Good, Divine Franklin. Okay. For sure. Niecy Nash was one of my favorites, as was Bill Bellamy. Yes, girl. I know that's a throwback, but Bill Bellamy is funny as, as the kids say, AF. [LAUGH] Yes, Isa. [LAUGH] He had us in tears. It was a moment. Yeah. I have two, Yvonne Orji who is the breakout of Insecure. Her story of just how she, you know she's a D&V girl like us. Hey, D&M. Yes, [UNKNOWN] family. [LAUGH] Why do we. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Of course we do. [LAUGH] She came and talked. But then also Kim Kimbo, celebrity hair stylist, when she brought Blessed Oil for our edges. I prayed for our edges, it was a beautiful prayer. I love her. She is the edge queen. Yes, I believe it. Now we do have a clip that we wanna share from one of the interviews. So here is Nesse Nash talking about how she realized she wanted to be a comedian. Check it out. When I was five years Years old. I saw the most gorgeous black woman I had ever seen in my little five years of living. And she had on a long red dress, and her eyelashes looked like butterflies. I said, Grandma-ma, who is that? She said, baby, that's Lola Falana. And I felt like, in that moment. My destiny was stamped on the canvas of my imagination. Boom. I looked at my grandmother and I said, that's exactly what I wanna be. I wanna be black fabulous and on TV. And I stopped answering to my name, and if you didn't call me Lola, then you weren't talking to me. That's how I felt about it. My gosh, that story is so endearing. I can't wait to listen. Guys, thank you so much for joining us. You guys remember to subscribe to Essence's Yes, Girl podcast which launches on Thursday, March 9th. I can't wait. Coming up, we're getting all the T on the new season of Underground straight from the actors themselves. But first Kay Lani, discusses her hair journey in My Main Moment. [MUSIC] I haven't been extremely comfortable in my skin until 207. They took me going to a crazy, wild experience that kinds shoot me a lot of my confidence and I cut all my hair off Kind of disappeared of the face of the earth for a few months, just got myself together. But cutting my hair was probably one of the greatest things I could have ever done, because it just felt like I put all my negative energy into my hair and than let go of it. I was able to grow with my hair. So that's what I am doing now. [MUSIC] What I learned about my hair the most is that I can do anything I want with it. My hair is actually very short and I am wearing a wig right now. But that's just proof of what I love about it. I can just throw a wig on if I feel like it. I'm a mystery's child so my hair could kinda go any which direction. But my mom, she's like whatever you wanna do. I cut my hair off in the eighth grade and got a cool mohawk. I feel like there's really no difference between who I am as a person in general and. [MUSIC] Who my artist self is. So, of course, my look and my music would kind of just be fluid together. My sweetest hair moment I think is definitely my little finger waves from the distraction video with my natural hair. I think my sexiest hair is probably the little red bob. It makes me feel very grown sexy, you know? Yeah. [MUSIC] I guess a savage hair moment would just be badass. This is pretty kick **** to me. I think my biggest piece of beauty advice would be, do whatever you feel beautiful in. Neither one wants to wear 10,000 pounds of makeup. And not everyone wants to not wear makeup at all. And don't bash anyone else for whatever choice they make in the beauty direction. If someone once to cut all their eyebrows off, and die them bitch's pink, let them. If someone wants to be completely natural, let them, it's all awesome and it makes them feel great, so you should feel great about them feeling great, and that's it. [MUSIC] That's just so beautiful. Your acting is amazing. I really love you people. You're watching Essence Live, I'm Gia Peppers, and that was a clip of the highly anticipated second season of WGN, America's breakout drama series underground, and joining me now, in studio, is the cast. Please welcome, to our show, [UNKNOWN], I'm here again and all these [UNKNOWN]. How are you guys doing? We're doing good. Great. The action was wonderful! We need an applause. [APPLAUSE] Seriously, you guys don't understand how much I love this show and I love you guys. So, congratulations on all the success and season two and then congratulations too on your baby! [APPLAUSE] He is so Thank you. Beautiful. Now we just saw the picture that you posted. It was so adorable of you with him before the SAG Awards. Was so good. I really love that picture. Multitasking. Yeah, honey. You know how to do it. So what's the one thing about being a mother that has surprised you the most so far? The explosive poopy diapers. [LAUGH] Like no one told me you're just gonna be holding him And sometimes you just were gonna get pooped on. Yeah. Like a [UNKNOWN]. Yes, yes. No, it's a cliche, but when they say you will never know a love like this, you will never know a love like this. The level of devotion that I have for Hunter, it's like Unbelievable. I mean, when he just looks up at me with this like toothless smile. It's the best feeling in the world. I can't believe, that is so beautiful. But, so the second season of Underground, we gotta get back to business, premieres tomorrow night, and rather then just telling us what we can expect this time around, we wanna make it a little interesting. So we're gonna play a game called in three emoji's. So here's how it works basically I have this- [LAUGH] Lovely basket of emojis right here,>> [LAUGH] Now each of you will tell us in one emoji what describes with the emoji what describes the show so Okay How great is season 2 [UNKNOWN] really love it all these emojis you guys have you know>> Is this time?>> It's you>> Now [UNKNOWN] Okay>> You're the man>> [CROSSTALK] We'll se, we'll see [UNKNOWN]. No pressure. No. Yeah, it's kind of hard. You know what? Okay. That's good. [LAUGH] Okay, tell us why you picked that emoji. Because y'all didn't have the emoji with a girl laying, [UNKNOWN] Okay, [UNKNOWN] Yeah we [UNKNOWN] edges, but this is, so the end of episode one sets off everything and no one is going to be ready, but this is the face you're gonna make at the end of episode one, and this is the face you're gonna make at the end of every single episode So. We need our- He's absolutely right. We need our defibrillators basically, because we [UNKNOWN] fall out. Your heart's gonna stop, you're gonna throw things at the TV. This right here, mark my words. Just send me a picture of you doing this at the end of episode one. I'm gonna do that face. Okay. Trust me, everybody knowns it happens. Perfect, all right, Amara, no pressure. That was a pretty good one. I'm ready, I'm ready. This is mine. Okay. This is mine. This is you're gonna have to call on the Father. Girl. Everybody really knows what this means. That's what this means. [SOUND] I did this a lot all season, all season long. I was reading episodes, sometimes it wasn't even for my own storyline. Yes. I would read theirs and I was just like [SOUND] [SOUND]. I need a moment to pray. Right, I need a moment. I need my God. Amen. Amen. And [UNKNOWN] journey. > Because it's all day. Yes! It's Underground all day. All day, every day. It's just Underground, they invented this emoji for us, right? Quite literally. [LAUGH] Drops emoji, because what else do you need? Too bad we still have a full interview to do because we- [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That would have been perfect for Rosalie. So speaking of Rosalie, she's a major leader in this season. She bossed all the way up. She did. Journey, what was your approach to portraying Trying this new found strength, one. And then also, how did you feel pregnant, filming all those action scenes? My gosh, you know, Rosalie definitely when we pick her up in season two, she's become a soldier. She's been trained up. By Harriet and I think her experience in season 1 in losing [UNKNOWN] her mom and running [UNKNOWN] and Noah you know she's definitely owned her strength and her mission is to go back you know she'd spent so much in season 1 running away from danger and this season she's running, Right towards it. Being pregnant, yeah. You know, it was. She's extraordinary. Yeah. She really is. I mean, I had even the minimum I did and I would look at Anthony. And I was like, wait. [INAUDIBLE] Did this? And he was like, mm-hm, and more. [LAUGH] He said, you only took two takes. She was doing it and we're like, try this way, try this way. Bless her heart, she's [NOISE]. Thank you. A real soldier. The real deal. Of course Miss Amirah who plays Ernestine, your character has gone through so much. You literally live through being the most powerful slave on the plantation. Well, mama got it. Mama always got it, and then you went to a Killer. A what? Does she just call you? [CROSSTALK] You did it. She just call a killer. I mean you did what you had to do for your children. I will say that and then now you're. We don't talk about all we had to do. [LAUGH] A field hand. And so now you're kinda having to take a step back in a way. So how did you approach kind of going into this second season with this whole newfound role? Well, the thing is too, what I learned from season one from my daughter was that enslavement anywhere is just a horrific experience. So there is no power to be had. And this concept of survival Is she blew that out the water. You know what I mean? Rosalie was like, yeah ma, guess what, I'm not just trying to survive. I wanna be acknowledged and seen as a human being. I wanna exist in the world. And so that's really actually what I think Ernestine is dealing with, now that she doesn't have her children. She still has Rosalie in her spirits, she still has young James in her spirit and you can't unlearn lessons, thank God. Actually all of them, for better and for worse. And so you're going to see her tortured a bit, you know, but she's still our strong, resilient mama, and that's what I love the most, is that they're going to put her through hell, that are going to be, modern-day people are going to say, I went through that, or I know someone who went through that, and And hopefully if they see Ms. Ernestine push through that'll give them a little bit more of a fight. Absolutely, this show is definitely a really great source of strength. Cuz there are a lot of similarities, Audis, as you often talk about how Underground. It has a lot of similarities to kind of the climate that we're going through now. Tell us about those similarities and how you can, we can learn to kind of push through by watching this season. Might have to take my hat off. Look. Master. [LAUGH] Well No, no it's, I mean for me it's just a wonderful experience because this is the first time that I've actually really been exposed to this true history, and it gives me a different appreciation for my heritage, which is American history. Not just sequesters to being Black American History. This is something that we all benefit from and it shows that These are issues we still with today and things that we still need to confront in a very open and honest, and to a degree almost in an aggressive way. Not violent, but in an aggressive way in a means of not beating around the bush. A lot of people said, why another show like this? And that's because they didn't want to deal with it, or see what way of seeing, before. But now they get to see heroes and people fight for their values, and for their own self-worth, because they know it. No one's in prison right now, but he still knows, I'm free mentally. You could put me in chains all day. But that's not gonna change my opinion of me. Right. And also, his idea of freedom is no longer defined by his oppressors. His idea of freedom is defined by his relationship with Rosalie, his love for her, the idea of family with her in a different way cuz she was His first introduction to all these things and it makes him grow up and mature so much as a man and as an individual. This show teaches so much that has been left out of the history books. Absolutely. It literally does. But my favourite part like. The thing is he loves story it's so beautiful. This. No will lead. No will lead. Now ill lead that's cute hashtag. I started training less so I guess it's gonna have to come again this year.>> How do you guys Keep yourselves mentally pure. There's a lot, there's a deep, deep show that you guys really deal with when you're on set. How do you get through that mentally? Go ahead, go ahead. When we think about what we're doing and who we're doing it for, that keeps us in line. It keeps us humble. It keeps us humble. It keeps us graceful. Keeps us proud. For the opportunity. It keeps us Proud, that keeps the head held up a little higher that it was before, knowing that you get to go home at the end of the day. But when you're in it, is for a greater cause than yourself. I think it's also very empowering, because we go away dealing with the fact In fact, for these people, this was their average everyday reality. Even in our average everyday reality, we have a lot to deal with. But when you come from working on a day of living in their lives and you come back to Denver, what you have to deal with. You say, you know what? They go through, so I can get through mine. That's right. Yeah. And then my own role is to influence others to do better and get through theirs as well, if it's my place to try to help them do that. And I can do it through this show, I continue to help myself grow As a person, didn't ask really what the point is. A man on a mission. I love it. Thank you guys so much- [CROSSTALK] You guys dropped so many jams- Microphone emojis. You don't get some more emojis but thank you guys so much. For stopping by Essence Live. Make sure you all tune in tomorrow night at 10PM Eastern to WGN America for the Season 2 premiere of Underground. Guys, it's so good, you don't wanna miss it. Coming up, tips to help you get your closet all the way together. I need these tips. Plus We're going to check in on the results of our viewer poll. But first Essence's own Lauren Porter and Sidney Scott reveal why we need a Randall and Beth spinoff from This is us. I agree, watch. [MUSIC] I really love Susan Kelechi Watson's character because she just gives subtle hints that I don't think they write into the script that give you clues that she is black. She's as black as they come. I would love to see how they met like in a flashback to like have their back story. This is why we need a spin-off. Yes. I would be down for a spin-off. This is why we need a spin-off. Because you know they probably met and it was just like, just some, like- I feel like she probably had an afro or something really cute, and he was that cute Cute little nerdy boy. And she was like come on, let me give you some of this black lovin'. And then they just lived happily ever after. And had the cute little black babies. Those cute little black babies. My god. Okay now Randall's dad, we need to talk about him. Like every time Randall's dad is on screen, like I just feel like I might start crying. Because he is like, he's dying, he's like Trying to deal with dying and then Randall is trying to make sure he takes care of himself but William is also like I'm dying, I know I'm dying. Just let me figure it out and do it in peace and it's just I can see both sides and I understand why Randall is freaking out because dad is dying but it's also William just wants to Die in peace, and just do it his own way. And it's just so much, I, every time there's a scene between those two, I just feel like I'm going to cry. But I also think that it's kinda like twofold, right? Like, Randall's dad has already died. Like, Jack is dead. Yeah. And that was his dad, that's the only dad he knew for the entirety of his life. And then there's this other guy, William comes in and it's like, you're my dad but you're like not really> Yeah. So, it's kinda like learning someone new, while also like experiencing letting someone go again, and I think that that is really really powerful. It is crazy. It is also, when you think about it, really heartbreaking because this is his second shot at having a dad and now he is about to die. Can a black man get a dad, please? Like, let this man have a dad, please. That is all I want for Randall. Give this man a dad that is not Miguel cause I do not like him. [LAUGH] That is gonna be Point of disagreement, because I like Miguel also. I don't like Miguel. You know what, you need to get over your Miguel bias. [MUSIC] Black tear drops falling down. [MUSIC] I tumble to the ground. [MUSIC] Hey, I'm Jasmine Guy and you're watching EssenceLive. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm Gia Peppers. Remember to use #EssenceLive to leave us your questions and comments for today's viewer poll, which is Who do you think is the petty used person this week? A Donald Trump for trashing Obama? B Remi Mah for continuing to slam Nikki Menaj? C Nikki for not responding to Remi? Or D Candi Burris for her text receipts on Portia Williams? We're tallying the votes and will announce the results at the end of the show. But right now how many of you ladies Needs some serious closet help. Do you have a bunch of stuff you have still gotten around to not wearing? We see you. So our own Charlie Penn recently met with style expert Patrice J Williams to decide which things in her wardrobe. She should keep cash or trash. Check it out. [MUSIC] What's up Essence family I am your senior lifestyle relationship editor for Essence.com. Welcome to my home. Come on in I'm here with lifestyle expert Patricia J Williams. Hey girl? Hey. What's up? Thank you so much for coming help me get my closet. Situation together, girl. Yeah. We're going to get it together. You're in good hands. Thank you, because I need it, because I'm a hoarder. There's a lot of stuff in there. People are intimidated because there's so much stuff in their closet, but one key tip: start small. Start in one area, so we're just gonna do your clothes today. Okay. Clothes only, not the accessories, not shoes. So start small and it's not gonna feel so overwhelming. It's all about compartmentalizing. Okay. So we're gonna keep. [NOISE] The keep, obviously stuff that you're gonna keep in the closet, stuff you love, stuff that you wear a lot. Okay, everything. Not everything! [LAUGH] Okay. We're gonna trash. [NOISE] Trash, not exactly trash, you know, one woman's trash is another diva's treasure. True. So, stuff that you're going to donate. We're going to cash. [SOUND] Cash, this is the trendy item, stuff that's really hot right now, you can actually resell stuff, and make a little bit more money. Maybe. Maybe. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] What do you think? You know, I'm not married to either one of them, trash. No, so trash, dump them, get rid of them. Yeah, easy, easy. [UNKNOWN] this little number. Like her. Yeah, so we're keeping her then. All right, she's a keeper. Cash. [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] Down. Bye-bye. [NOISE] This one, she's a keeper. [NOISE] She's a keeper. She's a keeper. Okay. [MUSIC] Okay, so Patrice has blessed me with a major closet makeover. My closet is empty, but now it's time for the trash portion of it, right? Yes. Where we're throwing some stuff away? Exactly. So it's not exactly trash. Okay. It's more of treasures for somebody else. Okay. So this is the stuff that you didn't want, but you're going to donate. Okay. So, we need a garbage bag, or any bag that we're going to put the items in But where are you take this out?>>So there are so many places you can donate cloths. So you can donate to a [UNKNOWN], you can even donated to a friend who might be in need or something like that ->> That's nice.>> goes overload you know. But also there is women shop. Shelter in your area. Especially a lot of professional career gear, that can be kind of expensive, so it can be great for a woman in need. [MUSIC] All right, Charlie, so we got our cash bin right here, so this is all the stuff that you can make a little bit of money off of, right? Yeah, that's a lot of good stuff in Here, so how do I do it? Exactly [LAUGH], so how do you do it? So you have a few options actually. So one, you can actually take some of the items to a store near you, consignment shops if it's something maybe a bit more high end. Or even some resale stores, you can get cash for them or even store credit. And what about any other apps, anything I can use to do it right from On my phone. [LAUGH] Yes. We're all addicted to our phones anyway [LAUGH] so there are several apps that you can use and I think that this top right here, what do you think about this one? I think it's perfect and people love it when they have the tags on, right? Yes. So it still has the tags. Still has the tags on. So this is a NW [UNKNOWN], new with tags. New with tags. New with tags, so you're gonna get a lot of bang for your buck for this. So we're gonna hang this up. Okay. And you're gonna take a really great photo, that's something that people overlook all too often, not taking a good photo. Okay. You want all the details Details to shine so like we said it's got the tags attached to you really wanna really really focus on that as well, and also the detail. Now all the stuff that I'm gonna sell I have it all piled up, obviously I'm trying to get rid of it, so where do I [INAUDIBLE] I know. So, you don't want to put it back in your closet, right? Cuz that would defeat the purpose of what we just did. Clearly, and I want to keep it. We all want that. You're not gonna keep everything, you worked too hard. You can take a suitcase and pack the items in there. Maybe slide them under your bed. Or if you have a decorative bin or basket or something like that? So you want to store them away, but so that it's still accessible. Fold the items up really well. Cuz you're gonna sell these So, we wanna make sure that they're nice and protected. [MUSIC] We got rid of the stuff that you wanna trash or donate. Yes. We got the stuff that you wanna cash in on and make a little bit of money. Cha ching. And now, we have this beautiful closet. The racks aren't Full anymore and it looks really good. What about the items that we want to keep that we don't know what to do with. Everyone has items like that and the great thing is now that your closet is clean out you can figure out how to remix those pieces. Funny you should say that. See that silver blazer right there. Okay, so this one. Yes. Right here. I love her I bought her online she talked to me. Need and every morning I feel like just don't know how to wear these things. So she's really gorgeous and this coat is gorgeous like metallic to it so I would say match it with these loafers right here, these pony tail loafers would be really great but even if you wanna mix and match your metals go for this motto boot that has a gold detail here, I love this hardware so it has more Edgy feel to it. And since you love wearing black, and since this is such a statement piece, wear this with all black and you're gonna be good to go. Patrice, girl, thank you so much for helping me get my closet in order. You're welcome, it was easy. And it looks so much better. I feel lighter, and this outfit is happening come Monday. [LAUGH] You guys, for more lifestyle hacks, visit Essence.com, bye-bye. [MUSIC] I love that segment. Thank you to Charlie and Patrice. You're watching Essence Live and I'm Gia Peppers. Okay, Kayla, it's been a fun show. We've been had a lot fun, a lot of different things. I hear The comments are lit right now. Yes. [UNKNOWN] They love the [UNKNOWN] emojis game. They loved it, they loved it. They were so happy that we brought them in for the interview. And we asked earlier, who do you think has been the pettiest person this week? A, Donald Trump. b Remy Ma, c Nicki Minaj or d Candid, from Housewives of Atlanta. So lots of folks are voting for Trump believing when it comes to petty there's no one who can top him, and that's who I'm voting for as well. [LAUGH] On Twitter we had Keisha Beller saying Donald Trump with his petty **** and that's all she had to say and that was enough Back on Facebook, Merls Adams, Candy needs to fess up, she swims in both ponds just like her friend Tiny. The shade. I know, Tish Williams says Candy is a nasty freak trying to call someone else out, please. Some people are voting for both Candy and Donald Trump. Marlow Thomas says Candy is just mad because her little secret came out. I mean my whole thing is like candy I do the only reason why I defiantly think Candy is not lying because Candy is always so honest on the show so I think Porsche is just a little upset making a little lies but so your right so basically we just Kinda win through the results of today's view poll, we asked you who do you think is the pettiest person of the week. And the winner is Donald J. Trump. And then it looks like Candy's got the second most votes, so yeah, I think she's petty. But I definitely agree. Kayla, what do you think? Donald, he's? My vote's for Donald. My personal favorite are the exchanges with Arnold Schwarzenegger over ratings. [LAUGH] Don't you have a country to run? Get off of Twitter. You do your job. Yeah. Please. [LAUGH] Please. Well thanks to everyone. [LAUGH] Who voted and a special shout out to the cast of Underground for coming through. If you miss any of today's show, you can catch the replay shortly on essence.com and see all of our videos on our YouTube page. I'm Gia Peppers, I've had so much fun. Thank you guys for watching, we'll see you next time. [MUSIC]

Mar, 08, 2017

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