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[MUSIC] My name is Edwin Redway, also known as Chef E. Dubble, the People's Chef. Owner of E Dubble Catering, partner with Grilled Fraiche Cali Caribbean Cuisine. [MUSIC] So now, we're Los Angeles, I understand your newborn baby. We are, we're about 1 month and 2 weeks in. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you, it's going really well, I think we're getting a really great response from the people because you know, we're really just handing out great Cuz that's you're number one ingredient. A little greatness, a little love, customer service. And it smells delicious. That's part of the greatness [UNKNOWN] that's part of the greatness. [MUSIC] When I'm in the kitchen preparing food, it gives me a really great feeling because I know that I'm creating something that people will enjoy. I'm creating a product that will be memorable to people. So we grill fresh salmon, fresh chicken and fresh shrimp. You can choose mixed greens or grilled vegetables.>>That's a lot of options>>It's a little bit of greatness. There's not too many places where you can really get fresh ingrediants.>>Ok, the truck says cali-carribean, talk a little bit about the influences behind all these delicious dishes. Flavor. Well, my roots come from Brownstown, Jamaica, and then my partnership, Chef Primone, he's from Antiga. So you double. Can I try everything? Let's go. [MUSIC] So we're gonna try the chicken with the ETB on it. You're gonna love it. Everything tastes better with sauce. ETB. ETB! ETB has a sweet, savory, a little bit of heat but not too much. Now, this is like art. Thank you Jarrell for creating beautiful dishes on behalf of Grill Fresh. [MUSIC] Oh my God. The sauce is everything. Yeah. Sauce is delicious. Take a little piece of that. I'm using my hands. We can share you know. This is really good. Mm-hm. Did you try that? It's delicious. No, did you try this though?>> I just took an amazing bite. No, this is really good. [CROSSTALK] You're like oh, my cooking. [UNKNOWN] that is good. Every day I learn something new. I'm definitely not one of those chefs who thinks that they know everything, because I don't. And information in this industry and anything in life comes every day. You just have to keep honing it and keep trying new things and learning. The dream for Grill Fresh is to do what it's doing right now. Organically grow. I'm in no rush. But I'm excited to see where it's going. I'm embracing the journey. [MUSIC]

ESSENCE Eats: Savoring Cali-Caribbean Cuisine With Chef E. Dubble

Fresh ingredients, savory sauce and a "little bit of greatness" are what popular Los Angeles-based Chef E. Dubble is consistently serving up on the go from his hot new food truck, Grilled Fraiche.