Hey, what's up? It's Elise Neal, I'm here at Essence Magazine. I'm about to show you three moves for your arms, your abs, and your glutes. Any woman on the go can do these moves so check it out. We're gonna start with the ab work. Now I do a lot for abs and core because I know every woman just hates this area right here. So that's gonna be just a twist it. If you twist it You're targeting your sides all the muscles of the abs. Get the elbow inside. I'm not a numbers girl. I'm a keep doing them until you're tired girl. If you stop, start again. this area you will never be disappointed if you do too many. So this one, you're not going to like it. I don't even lie it either. But, you gotta squat it deep, and low, and you gotta jump up with force. So, squat it, jump, squat, jump, squat, jump, squat, jump. Got it? [LAUGH] Okay, this last move is, you all know what it is, basic push ups. Again, everything I do is do it until you're exhausted Don't account. Just do it until you can't do it anymore. Okay, so that's three easy moves for any of you ladies on the go. Thank you for working out with me. Check out Essence.com for this and anything else coming your way. [MUSIC]

Mar, 10, 2017

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