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[MUSIC] So I love Jin Soon nail polish but I love them even more now that they've teamed up with famous graffiti artist Chris Riggs. If you're feeling fancy, you'll definitely wanna try out these nail decals, printed with one of his most famous pieces of art. But wait, there's also solid colors in the collection, with names like Love, Peace, Hope, and Grace. I'm wearing Love, Chris's signature pink, which is, I think, gonna be my signature pink. This, ladies, is a no-no. Wearing your elastic band around your wrist and cut off your circulation and it makes an unsightly dent in your skin. The solution? This ingenious bracelet. It's cute but itself but this bracelet is actually designed to hold Hold your elastic band. So brilliant. Enter Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth vitamin. So if you're like me, you've been taking all sorts of pills, trying to get healthier hair, thicker hair. So with a liquid vitamin like this. Your body will absorb 98% of the vitamins, versus 20% if you're using it in pill form. Cheers to your health. All right, guys. That's it for now, but tune in for more dope stuff on my desk next week. [MUSIC]
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